Lake Anna Life & Times Spring 20 1 8 16 DiscoveringTheSpecial Aseriesdocumentingthosethathaveaheritage worthnoting by C.C. McCotter W What makes Lake Anna so special to so many people, both resident and visitor alike? Is it the clear, clean and warm water? Is it the abundant fish and birds that also make the lake their home? Is it the lake lifestyle that fea- tures both laid back and wild boat par- ties and places with names like Cock- tail Cove, The Sand Bar, Kayakers’ Beach, Skinny Dipper’s Cove and Bo- hemian Bay? Or is it places likeTim’s, Anna Cabana, Anna Point Marina and High Point Marina that offer great ac- cess and good times? It’s probably all of the above as well as 100 other reasons depending on who you ask. But if you asked folks to name what makes Anna so special it’s more often than not something that’s natural – a sunset, woods, a beach, a quiet morning. In this series we’ll bring you the story of families/folks that have made sure that those that live and visit here will be able to enjoy this intrinsic beauty of the lake; undeveloped and green, appreciating places that remain a bit wild and untouchable by the bulldoz- ers of development. These are the special people and places of Lake Anna and we should all be grateful for them. Dr. Daniel Slovis, is one of our youngest special people of Lake Anna subjects but we thought him espe- cially fitting because of the job he per- forms for so many of the area’s resi- dents and their pets. Slovis, 42, is a doctor of veterinary medicine with a practice located in PeopleAndPlacesOf Lake Anna DanSlovis Above - Gene Newman at his home near Bearcastle. Right - Mark Smith, Dave Moberly, Congressman Tom Garrett and Gene Newman at a Lake Anna Business Partnership Business After Hours meeting. Dr. Dan Slovis Dr. at work and at play with his son and wife, Kristine.