Lake Anna Life & Times Spring 20 1 8 13 continued from page 7 540.894.0215 TM MOWING/TRIMMING • SPRING & FALL AERATION MULCHING • FERTILIZING • LANDSCAPING LEAF REMOVAL • POWER WASHING• DOCKS & DECK STAINING FREE ESTIMATES • INSURED AND BONDED POWER WASHING EXPERTS Your Hometown Glass Specialist - Mineral, VA Auto Glass // Repairs //TableTops // Mirrors // Windows Virginia Glassman G V CAN WE STAIN YOUR DOCK? Lake Anna Civic Association MACC Satellite is family-owned and operated, serving the Lake Anna area for over 20 years. We primarily offer satellite TV and Internet services through Dish, DirecTV, HughesNet and Exede. Other products and services include pre-wire for new construction, antenna installation and servicing, cell phone range extenders, and SONY televisions. Don’t overpay for slow, unreliable internet and TV! 540.661.4255 Call or email us today with your situation and we’ll offer you a solution! MACC Satellite role will it serve. “LACAwillcontinuetobeinvolved in current lake issues. These focus on the fact that use of Lake Anna continues to expand greatly.  They include competition for lake use (such as wake surfing issues), the need for additional enforcement (Lake Anna leads the state in boat- ing incidents), and protecting wa- ter quality. ” LACA goals for 2018, according to the president include: 1) Con- tinue to keep members informed through newsletters, website and emails for current notices, 2) Con- tinue to work with DEQ on water quality issues including review of the PCB restrictions for Lake Anna, 3) Continue our water quality mon- itoring program and issue notifica- tions to members when bacteria levels are unsafe for water con- tact, 4) Improve boating safety by completing our emergency loca- tion initiative (bridge signs, loca- tion maps, and dock signs). All are in place except some final island markings on the warm side and ex- panding the number of docks with emergency location ID numbers, 5) Encourage, through our safety and emergency services commit- tee, improved coordination among emergency responders from the various jurisdictions, 6) Encour- age the counties and DGIF to im- prove the level of enforcement on the lake to get Lake Anna off the top of the DGIF reportable incident list, 7) Work with DEQ on the up- date to the waste water permit for LKA 540. 894 0706 the sewage treatment plant at 208 bridge, and 8) Conduct a safe and extraordinary fireworks show on the 7th of July at Dike 2. Smith also took a moment to de- scribe his view of LACA’s relation- ship with the Lake Anna Advisory Committee. “LACA reports to its members, primarily the residents and users of Lake Anna.  LAAC reports to the three counties that touch on the lake.  LAAC (a government en- tity) can do things such as hazard buoys on the lake that LACA (a non-profit corporation) cannot do because of liability issues.  LACA, on the other hand, has provided assistance in finding volunteers to do the work of LAAC in the areas of buoy maintenance and hydrilla management.  Both organizations have a common interest in making Lake Anna a great place to boat, fish, and to just enjoy the beauty of the lake.  Smith wanted to thank the hun- dreds of volunteers who have worked over the last 28 years of LACA existence to preserve and protect Lake Anna and its wa- tershed for those here now and for the enjoyment of all those to come. “I invite readers to peruse our web site www.lakeannavirginia. org to see water quality monitor- ing results, links to current water level and temperature, Guide to Weeds at Lake Anna, historical documents, and much, much more.  Oh and please join. ” continued from page 7 Roundabout Update intersection, the total cost for con- struction and regular maintenance is less than a signaled intersection. When considering a roundabout versus a traffic signal VDOT uses the Federal Highway Adminis- tration’s Manual, which includes guidelines for application of Uni- form Traffic Control Devices. This manual identifies nine warrants that state transportation agencies use when considering the most appropriate solution for a danger- ous intersection prior to installing any traffic device. Based on ac- cident history, area growth plans and traffic studies, the intersection did not meet the requirements for a traffic signal. According toVDOT roundabouts reduce accidents involving injuries and fatalities by up to 75% due to lower speeds and less contact points. There have been only two documented fatalities in the state at roundabouts – one involved an impaired driver and the other a high-speed chase. Another noted benefit of a roundabout is that de- lays are reduced since traffic yields rather than comes to a complete stop. L&T asked first year Mineral District Louisa County Supervisor Duane Adams what his opinion of the proposed roundabout was and he responded, saying: “The need for improvement at Wares Cross- roads is certainly there and I’m glad to see VDOT taking action. “I have heard from many citizens and businesses who feel left out of the process. I would like to see VDOT take into consideration the concerns of local citizens and busi- nesses during the public comment period. “I’m not convinced a $5.5 million roundabout is the right solution for this intersection. ” LKA