Lake Anna Life & Times Late Summer 20 17 7 Pleasants Landing CUP Vote Ends In 3-3 Tie, Next Vote To Be Held When Applicant Meets County’s Conditions Elk Creek Landing To Offer 112 Lots, 80+ Boat Slips On Hot Side Passerbys on Kentucky Springs Road/Rt. 652 near Carr’s Bridge might have noticed a fleet of earthmoving equipment working recently and wondered what was going on. This 142-acre parcel of mostly forest with some field and some Dominion power line right-of- way is being transformed into Lake Ann’s newest subdivision rumored to be namedknown as Elk Creek Landing. Stone Circle Holdings, LLC, with local dock builder turned devel- oper Jeff Remmers as manager, obtained the land from James Duerson, had John Carroll sur- vey and subdivide it and will now create a the 112-lot community with common areas. The site plan submitted to Lou- isa County Community Develop- ment obtained by Life & Times notes the property wraps around Duerson’s current residence on Kentucky Springs Road abutting the Thelma Winston community on the east side and The Waters on the west side of the subdiv- sion. The common area will feature 85 boat slips under covered docks, a concrete launch ramp and parking areas. The entrance off Kentucky Springs Road will include a 12-foot wide, 100-foot long turn lane with a 200-foot taper. Currently excavators are work- ing to cut roads for the subdivi- sion. This work should continue in August then, if all goes well, lots could go on sale in Septem- ber. continued on page 13 See Also: Roundabout Coming p. 5 Snakehead Confirmed p. 5 Boating Accidents p. 10 Gene Newman p. 16 Special Dining Guide p. 20 One board member had already left and it was well after 10 pm by the time the Louisa County Board of Supervisors began to hear public comments and discuss a controversial conditional use per- mit (CUP) filed by Mike Vallerie, owner of Lake Anna Beach Ma- rina and eventually deadlocked in a tie vote. Vallerie had requested a unique, blanket CUP that would permit him to hold multiple events at his marina despite him not not- ing who the event co-applicants would be. Currently, the Louisa County CUP process requires each indi- vidual event promoter to apply for a CUP with the landowner of the event venue as a co-applicant. Vallerie told County Commu- nity Development staff that the current procedure hinders his ability to solicit for events due to the time it takes to obtain the indi- vidual CUPs. Vallerie also requested the CUP without having corrected a num- ber of Louisa County code vio- lations drawn from unpermitted work on his building and grounds After all sides presented their views the LCBS couldn’t get a majority vote on the motion by Jackson District Supervisor Toni Williams to grant the CUP as long as the applicant addresses all the County’s conditions and code violations. With Supervisors Williams, Troy Wade and Tommy Barlow voting to for the motion and Supervi- sors Stephanie Koren, Fitzgerald Barnes and Dick Havasy voting against the motion, the final tally was 3-3 since Supervisor Willie Gentry left the meeting prior to the vote. Twenty County conditions on the CUP included a 500-person limit per event, a limit of one amplified event per month, May through November until 10 pm and one non-amplified event per month from 9 am to 5 pm, a limit on the type of events permitted, a requirement to notify Louisa County of the event dates each year at least 60 days in advance, Williams, supervisor for the Jackson District where Lake Anna Beach Marina is located also stipulated in his motion to ap- prove the CUP that Vallerie would have to comply with all conditions including County code violations. If the applicant did not, then the CUP would be violated. Williams told Life & Times: “The Community Development De- partment has worked tirelessly to try to guide Mr. Vallerie dur- ing this process. I think that we are near the finish line and have found compromises that allow Mr. Vallerie to have the use of his property in such a manner as to not be invasive of his neighbors rights.” Wade, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, who noted during Mike Vallerie, owner of Pleasants Landing/Lake Anna Beach Marina is frustrated with Louisa County conditions that he says unfairly target his business. the CUP discussion, just prior to the vote that: “I’m going to vote in favor of this thing in spite of Mr. Vallerie. I think he’s been his own worst enemy but it’s his piece of dirt to do what he wants with it once he gets his issues straight,” told Life & Times in an email he voted to grant the CUP because: “…one of the conditions stated that the CUP would be void if all violations were not corrected.” Wade also noted he did not think the CUP was precedent-setting. “Granting CUP’s are at the discre- tion of the BOS. There is no set- ting of precedent, each is handled on its own.” Vallerie said he had “no com- ment” when asked by Lake Anna Life & Times to share his thoughts on the recent CUP hearing. He referred to a Facebook spokes- person named “Margaret” for his official statement. Local residents Linda and Ran- dall Robinson have owned prop- erty across from Pleasants Land- ing/Lake Anna Beach Marina for the past 38 years. They have fol- lowed Vallerie’s saga for months, attending and speaking at hear- ings as well as communicating with Vallerie’s attorney and Louisa County officials looking for com- mon ground. “We have no opposition to the reopening of Pleasants Landing Marina.  It has been a marina for many years.  Mr. Vallerie has done a great job of restoring the seawall and improving the property. “We do oppose Mr. Vallerie’s desire to host mega-amplified evening concerts every weekend of the summer as well as a con- tinuous number of large daytime events which create traffic con- cerns for the neighbors on Route 701 and their developments.  We are very concerned that he has posted unlimited access to the property 24/7 for boaters and ma- rina patrons,” noted Linda Robin- son in an email to Life & Times. When asked how they viewed Lousia County’s handling of the situation they were effusive with their praise. dock talk Elk Creek Landing Site Plan LKA