Lake Anna Life & Times Late Summer 20 17 5 dock talk Roundabout For Intersection of Rt. 522/208 Said To Solve Problems But Many Community Members Not Convinced One key gateway to Lake Anna will be re- ceiving a major facelift in the coming years. The plan has the lake community scratch- ing their collective head and wondering if it is the best solution. A $5.4 million roundabout for one of Lake Anna’s most dangerous crossroads won funding from the Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board recently, though state officials had determined last winter the proj- ect wasn’t a top priority. The roundabout is intended to improve vehicle movement and safety at the intersection of Rts. 522 (Zach- ary Taylor Highway) and 208 (New Bridge Road). The Virginia Department of Transpor- tation (VDOT) has a record of 12 crashes at the corner, popularly known as Wares Crossroads, since 2010. Five of those ac- cidents involved injuries. The intersection is a Culpeper District Top 100 intersection, identified for improvements based on the number of serious or fatal crashes. Issues have become more frequent over the years as activity at the intersection has increased. With the forecasted growth at the lake, the traffic issues will only increase, both sea- sonally and long term. According to VDOT’s 2015 traffic counts approximately 3,900 vehicles use this por- tion of Rt. 522 daily. The numbrers for this section of Rt. 208 are event greater – 5,900 vehicles per day. Taylor Schweikart was involved in one of those accidents, accidently striking an oncoming vehicle while making a left turn onto Rt. 522 from Rt. 208. Another car was making a right hand turn from Rt. 522 that obscured her view. The incident so moved Schweikart she began to advocate for a solution to the dangerous intersection. Her movement is called Bring A Light To 208. We asked her what she thought of the plan for a roundabout instead of a traffic light. “Honestly, I have mixed emotions regard- ing a roundabout. I feel that it could in- crease the overall safety of the intersection, however, it is imperative that VDOT consid- ers the amount of trailer traffic frequenting the intersection. I think that the roundabout could help the flow of traffic and eliminate the known blind spots encountered when approaching the intersection.” Mineral District Supervisor Stephanie Ko- ren noted she was a a little surprised VDOT approved a roundabout for the intersection but also noted something needed to be done. “I have worked hard during the last four years to not only listen to my constituents but to hear what they have to say. In 2014, Exotic Northern Snakehead Fish Confirmed In Lake a young lady named Taylor Schweichart approached me about safety concerns at the intersection after having an accident while she and her brother were driving to school. Schweikart championed the effort to make the intersection safer and I agreed to work with her. Starting with a petition that was eventually signed by over 2,000 individuals within a two week period, Taylor made a presentation to the Louisa County Board of Supervisors. “Over a period of time, Taylor met with several organizations and together we met with VDOT. We were both asking for a light yet VDOT came back to us with the only solution being a roundabout. Again, our biggest concern is the safety of others and what is the best possible solution for Louisa County. Conceptual rendition of the roundabout proposed for Wares Crossroads. Memorial Day weekend is a busy time on Lake Anna and this year it was no different. On Sunday, May 28 a guest of a ho- meowner was fishing off a pri- vate dock using a live bluegill as bait.What happened next made Lake Anna history, as a northern snakehead fish engulfed the of- fering and the surprised angler reeled it up and netted it. Colby Horne landed the healthy 27-inch exotic fish and watched as it slithered like a snake on the dock. Horne’s father, Garnie guessed the fish might be a snakehead and told his son they were sup- posed to be good to eat. The son thought the fish was too ugly to eat so after a few photos he turned it back into Gold Mine Creek. Examination of the photos proved it was a northern snake- head, the first documented caught from the lake on the board of Spotsylvania, Louisa and Orange counties. Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries District Bi- ologist John Odenkirk noted as far as he knew this was the first verifiable catch of a snakehead from Anna. Several days later, Odenkirk conducted electroshocking sampling in other areas where snakeheads had been reported sighted. “We sampled upper Freshwa- ter Creek and upper Contrary Creek on our first run.  We col- lected two sub-adult northern snakehead in upper Freshwa- DUKE’S CREEK MARINA Mold Inspections & Remediation 540.895.5065 3831 Breaknock Rd., Bumpass PONTOON BOAT SALES & RENTALS BOAT SERVICE - STORAGE Camping - Convenience Store - Ramp - Fuel Are You Getting The Best Deal On Storage? continued on page 11 continued on page 13