Lake Anna Life & Times Late Summer 20 17 27 lake anna reflectionsPAGE Editor’s Note: The authors live across from Pleasants Landing and have owned their property and home for 45 years. They have been retired and full time residents since 2014. The opinions expressed in this column do not reflect those of this publication. They are those of the writer and meant to elicit a response from our readers. If you’d like to submit an essay for publication please email it to us at Says Lake Anna Beach Marina CUP Is Wrong On Many Levels LKA™ Glitterati Photos - 1/David Hunter and Michelle Muncsh of Hunter Properies at the June Lake Anna Business Partnership Business After Hours held at Anna Point Marina. 2/Members of the Louisa County Humane Society including Shirley Grainger and Meg Shrum volunteering at the taps during the July LABP Sunset Concert at Anna Point Marina. 3/Sally Pope, Dave Moberly, Shelia Fisher and Kelsea Filter. 4/Everybody’s favorite brewers, Sue and Rick from Legend Brewing stopped by the July LABP Sunset Concert. 5/Richard and Susan Binns were enjoing dinner at Vito’s until LKA’s Mother Goose photo-bombed them. 6/Mineral District Supervisor Stephanie Koren and Cuckoo District Supervisor Willie Gentry at the June LABP Business After Hours where the LKA Letters were debuted. 1 3 Recently, the lake has been eyed by folks looking to purchase commercial property and create lucrative business opportunities. That is to be expected. But each one of these investors/devel- opers and operators must follow the regulations of Louisa County or we run the risk of a wild west on the lake and a turning back of the clock 30+ years. One such recent, similar situation involves the purchase and reopening of Pleas- ants Landing and Lake Anna Beach Re- sort. We are not opposed to the restora- tion and reopening of Pleasants Land- ing, as a marina.That is not to say that we haven’t so enjoyed the “peace and quiet” of this lower end of the lake with the property being vacant for the past eight+ years. In that time we have witnessed the wildlife population increasing and the boat traffic decrease. In the past year, most notably and most disappointingly has been the absence of the bald eagle family that con- sistently roosted near the marina. We can only assume the increased noise and activity level on that prop- erty drove them away.     The main opposition we have is the goal of the new property owner to create a constant entertainment venue under one “umbrella type” CUP permit giving  him free reign for events that will prevent the surrounding resi- dential community from their right to enjoy their property. The current CUP process in Louisa County is in place to create conditions of fairness to all, to include the health, welfare and safety for all. It is our belief and understanding Louisa County officials and administra- tion have all gone above and beyond the norm in trying to work with the new owner of the marina. We have been advised there were meetings with Mr. Vallerie prior to his actual purchase to explain exactly what was necessary ac- cording  to the County’s existing regula- tions. We find it distressing this owner has demanded so much excessive time of County officials over the past year and a half with his proceeding with renovations and improvements prior to an approved site plan and prior to the required permits. These actions have resulted in warn- ings, stop work orders, multiple viola- tions, and court orders. In our opinion, an unnecessary waste of County time and resouces that translate into an un- necessary waste of our taxpayers mon- ies!      We also believe there is likely much more to this “story” than we are aware of, as to how it all came about and ev- eryone that was originally involved and why. We personally feel that the LCBS should not even entertain consideration of a   CUP for ANY property that is not in full compliance with approved site plan, building permits and zoning regu- lations. We feel this should be a given to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public along with protecting Lou- isa County from future liability.      That being said, we also believe that any LCBS member that has immediate  family involved, retained, or employed by the current marina owner should recuse him/herself from ANY vote in- volving this property, based on a conflict of interest concern.We feel this should be required by the County attorney attend- ing the LCBS meetings.       The recent vote on the “umbrella type” CUP issue did not include the complete board and was based on outstanding violations, not on the issue of this “spe- cial exception” CUP .This is- sue is far from settled! The main issue we see is the lack of due diligence on the buyer’s part prior to the actual purchase.Why anyone would pay $2.25 million for a commercial property with no history of success without an es- tablished business plan in accordance with County regulations and a realistic time frame for opening is a puzzle.Was he led to believe this would be an easy navigation through the established system? If so, by whom? It makes no sense, unless he was furthering his own political agenda. We think the manner in which this new owner has conducted himself is shame- ful! In fact, Mr.Vallerie ran unsuccessful- ly for Congress from the state of Mary- land in 2010 and is an accomplished politician that is against government involvement in small business. He is the founder of the political or- 2 6 4 5 6 ganization “The Encumbered” that de- tails his views. We believe he brought his agenda to Louisa County and we are all now paying for it! He has repeat- edly presented himself as the “victim” while bad-mouthing our County, the administration and lakefront residents. He admits to never having been to Louisa County or visiting Lake Anna prior to his decision to purchase the marina and has since chosen not to live or work here. All to be conducted by a hired “management company” and various tenants within the warehouse buildings.      In our opinion, his vision of the Lake Anna Beach Resort with its ever chang- ing and evolving “plan” has created havoc in our County and on our lake; he is his own worst enemy and is solely responsible for his “losing battle” with Louisa County. We would like to add we are person- ally totally against any umbrella type, all encompassing CUP in the County. Each consideration for a CUP is individual to the location and projected event. If the County wishes to consider the incep- tion of such, a committee of various members of Louisa County should be formed to study and develop such a thing. It should follow all of the regula- tions and procedures for acceptance by the residents of Louisa County and not be left to those that wish to encourage big business and to change the rural character of our beautiful and beloved County! Dr. Alan and Carolyn Helwig