Lake Anna Life & Times Late Summer 20 17 17 M Many folks have probably stopped by for a convenience item, fuel or even eaten atThe Cove at Hunter’s Landing without a thought of the site’s history. When you’re trying to get out on the water to ski, surf, tube, ride or fish, history is the last thing you’re concerned with, right? Well, it’s been some time since Da- vid W. Jackson ran Hunter’s Landing but the memories of that part of his life are still vivid. Jackson, a Virginia native recalls how his father-in-law, an early Lake Anna area resident, first told him of an opportunity he’d noticed. “I was operating my first business when my father-n-law, Hunter Per- kinson, told me a parcel of land was coming on the market for commer- cial use near him and asked if I was interested in starting a restaurant if we could purchase the property. “I liked the idea of lake living and said I would be interested in this venture but had serious concerns, ” Jackson told L&T. Perkinson, a United Airlines pilot, owned an amphibian airplane and Jackson recalled he and his father- in-law flew many hours looking at the possible potential for the busi- ness. “My first thought was, where will I get my customers because the lake DavidW. Jackson, Founder, Hunter’sLanding Above - Left to right, Barney and Susie Squiers of The Cove at Hunter’s Landing and Norma and David Jackson take a moment from a busy summer season to capture a memory. Inset - The Cove at Hunter’s Landing. Richard Binns photo was so undeveloped. After much thought, I felt we should go with the effort because of the close proxim- ity to the D.C. area, to Richmond and Fredericksburg. I figured the area would grow, but didn’t think it would have taken so long. ” Jackson said he named the store/ restaurant after his father in law, the hunters that frequented the store and the boat landing. The early lake entrepreneur first visited the lake in 1967 with his wife’s family, who had bought their home before the lake was construct- ed. Hunter’s Landing property was purchased in 1982 and construction began shortly there after. The father of two and grandfather notes he’s been living at the lake full time since August 1985. He opened Hunter’s Landing Convenience Store on October 1, 1985 and opened the restaurant knownThe Landing in July 1987 . “The best part of operating Hunt- er’s Landing was that I met a lot of people. I got so I knew everybody in the area, ” Jackson told L&T. continued on page 18 Vision PlusEffort, Plus Determination Equal