Lake Anna Life & Times Late Summer 20 17 11 around the lake WHAT’S NEW? Minutes from the lake on Rt. 522 4533 Zachary Taylor Highway Mineral, VA. Join Us This Season At Lake Anna’s Newest Event Venue&Restaurant! Our menu features traditional steaks, chicken, pork & seafood Featuring weekly Greek specials & sale of home grown produce Onsite catering and banquet facilities 540 894-4343 Farm to table dining, event catering, craft brews and more! State Park Receives $25K Grant For Kayak Launch LKA Dominion Power has issued a check for $25K to the Friends of Lake Anna State Park, Inc. to support the creation of a ca- noe/kayak launch on Ware Creek. The money was part of a $1.2 million En- vironmental Education and Stewardship grants program Dominion provided to sup- port environmental projects in 10 states. The proposed canoe/kayak launch at the State Park is needed because the existing motor boat launch is small and crowded and not appropriate for paddlecraft on most weekends. The site on Ware Creek will provide an op- portunity for paddlecraft users to explore a No Wake creek without the threat of fast- moving, motorized craft swamping their boat. Phase 1 of the proposed launch involves the construction of approximately 200 feet of gravel access road to allow automotive travel to and from the launch and a 10-car graveled parking lot. Phase 1 will also see concrete cattle guards side by side ex- tending parallel from the shoreline into the water, installation of silt fencing in an arc across the front of the launch site, grading a portion of the shoreline to an approximately 15-degree slope and lining the bottom with geotextile fabric along with a bed of surge stone. The cattle guards will be placed in the geotextile fabric bed and bolted together. The estimated cost for Phase 1 is $12,000 for labor and materials. Phase 2 involves purchasing and installing ADA floating dock system to provide access for disabled paddlers. The ADA accessible launch dock and ADA gangway will allow paddlers of all ages and abilities to safely access the water. The estimated cost of Phase 2 construction is $25,000 for labor and materials. In addition to the $25K from Dominion, the FOLASP have raised $4,500 for the project. Lake Anna Outfitters photo “In addition, this solution would not have happened without the support of Senator Bryce Reeves and Audrey Lane, Secretary of Transportation. Senator Reeves sent a letter of support to Secretary Lane on June 12, 2017 stating he supported the request for a roundabout at that intersection.” In May 2016 the LCBS publicized and held a work session to discuss potential highway projects. Along with other projects considered for applica- tion, the intersection of 522/208 was discussed. The project list was prioritized by the BOS at a regular meeting and staff was directed to develop applications for final BOS approve later in 2016. At the October 2016 BOS meeting, staff presented the final project applications. BOS approved and staff submitted the applications to the state. State funding was approved in June 2017. When considering a roundabout versus a traffic signal VDOT uses the Federal Highway Adminis- tration’s Manual, which includes guidelines for ap- plication of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. This manual identifies nine warrants that state trans- portation agencies use when considering the most appropriate solution for a dangerous intersection prior to installing any traffic device. Based on ac- cident history, area growth plans and traffic studies, the intersection did not meet the requirements for a traffic signal. According to VDOT roundabouts reduce acci- dents involving injuries and fatalities by up to 75% due to lower speeds and less contact points. There have been only two documented fatalities in the Roundabout Reasoning continued from page 5 Friday evening “rush” hour at Rt. 208/522. LKA state at roundabouts – one involved an impaired driver and the other a high-speed chase. Another noted benefit of a roundabout is that delays are re- duced since traffic yields rather than comes to a complete stop. L&T asked Louisa County Administrator Christian Goodwin if the County had any control over the cost or design of the roundabout project. “Very little. The County, property owners and members of the community participate (through public hearings) in the review/design process prior to final design and construction. The project design will be based on established design criteria, but community and local business involvement will be important.” Project engineering for the Wares Crossroads roundabout should begin in 2020 with construction anticipated to begin in 2023. BONUS CONCERT DATE: SEPT. 30