Lake Anna Life & Times Summer 20 17 10 around the lake WHAT’S NEW? Members of the Spotsylvania Fire/Rescue Water Rescue Team work to recover items lost when a boat capsized near the power plant on the afternoon of June 25. Local Man Perishes In Boating Accident, VDGIF Reports Reveal Increase In Incidents Sadly a 53-year-old Orange County man lost his life in a boating accident on Lake Anna, Saturday, July 1 and two children tubing received injuries.The victim has been identified as Charles Wil- liam Bowen, a resident of Twin Oaks subdivision on the lake.  Another person in the boat with Bowen was not injured. The accident happened in Spotsylvania County at about 6:45 p.m. near Lake Anna State Park. According to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF), the vessel Bowen was in made an evasive move to avoid another boat heading in their direction, ejecting the two occupants.  No “kill switch” was connected. “The boat then proceeded to run over the line of two minors on tubes that were being towed in a separate boat, injuring both, ” VDGIF spokesman Lee Walker said.  The boat continued to run in circles until it hit a boat wake and miraculously shifted back into neutral. The juveniles were taken to Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg with non-life threatening injuries. After the accident, VDGIF conducted a recreation and thorough investigation. LKA On May 24 and June 1, 2017 the Spotsylvania County Fire/ Rescue Water Rescue Team, at the request of the Lake Anna Advisory Committee (LAAC), removed old navigational mark- ers from Lake Anna. LAAC was concerned the remaining posts could cause boating accidents. These markers consisted of wooden posts in the water, many of which were in disrepair and a hazard to navigation. The work was done in cooperation with the Coast Guard Auxiliary and TowBoat US. Trained divers were sent down to the bottom to saw through the 6 X 6 posts. After the cuts were made, TowBoat US pulled the poles down. The Coast Guard then transported the poles to the disposal site. In all the team removed eight remaining posts. While there were more originally, the others were not present due to earlier removal by other parties or boat strikes. LAAC donated $300 to the Water Rescue Team, which was many times less than con- tractors quoted for removal. Par- ticipants in the project included the Spotsylvania County Fire/ Rescue Water Rescue Team: Battalion Chief Michael Grubb, Lieutenant Brian Beverly, Lieu- tenant David Flint, Lieutenant Laird Wysor, Firefighter/Medic Mark Cunningham, Firefighter Matthew Anns and Firefighter Thomas Hunt. Gary Jacobs was the TowBoat US representative. Maureen Daniels represented the Lake Anna Coast Guard Auxiliary. Spotsy Dive Team Removes Old Posts For LAAC LKA Charges are pending. Over the Memorial Day weekend there were other boating incidents including a the capsizing of a “wake” or “ski” type boat (no injuries reported), two personal wa- tercraft colliding (no word on injuries) and a boat running up onto the shore just above Christopher Creek after dark. One occupant of that boat was seriously injured. In 2016 VDGIF data indi- cates Lake Anna was third on the statewide list of boat- ing incidents with one fatal- ity (kayaker) and 10 reported incidents April through Au- gust. The Chesapeake Bay was second with three fatali- ties and 11 incidents. Smith Mountain Lake has the most with one fatality and 15 re- ported incidents. Initial 2017VDGIF reports in- dicate an uptick in incidents. So far there have been seven reported incidents with three more under review – a total of 10 possible boating inci- dents by July 10.The Memo- rial Day holiday weekend was especially notable with four incidents. Bowen’s death was the third consecutive Fourth of July weekend fatality to occur at Lake Anna. Community activist, one of LKA’s™ Most Influential Peo- ple for 2015 and Lake Anna Civic Association Vice Presi- dent Doug Smith sees a lack of law enforcement as one of the causes of the increase in boating accidents. “They need to put addition- al boats on the water – espe- cially on weekends and defi- nitely on holiday weekends. There are places on the lake they seldom cover and Loui- sa is not out there on a regu- lar basis. I saw water police Spotsylvania Fire & Rescue photo Mike Grubb photo pull over a boat in my bay last weekend. In 20 years of boating it was the first I have seen - ever. It was a Spotsy Sheriff boat. My bay is in Louisa County. Enforcement is a respon- sibility of the County Sher- iff’s offices.Why do they do it only by volunteers and only on overtime? Sup- pose I roped off a five-mile circle around Zion Cross- roads and said we should only allow the Sheriff’s Of- fice to enforce the law on a volunteer basis and only on overtime. Get any com- plaints? Why is that OK for Lake Anna?”