Lake Anna Life & Times Late Spring 20 17 26 Lake Anna Nursery Has New Owners And New Focus LKA LKAers will notice a new look at an established and highly visible corner- stone business this season. Lake Anna Nursery was purchased by Valerie and Brandon Groome in April from Steve and Linda Burdette. The Groomes have completed main- tenance on the entire facility and wel- come your visit this season. Lake Anna Nursery is located at the in- tersection of Route 208 and Oak Grove Road, across from the Food Lion shop- ping center (New Bridge Landing). For many years the Burdettes oper- ated the nursery as well as a landscap- ing business. When it was time to retire, the Groomes were ready to begin their new careers. “We are thrilled to be serving you as the new owners of Lake Anna Nursery & Landscaping. We’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill here at the nursery and while we’re still working on getting our feet underneath of us, we hope to have some improvements coming soon! If you haven’t stopped by to see us yet, LKA 56th District Candidates continued from page 7 71 Oak Grove Dr Mineral, Virginia, VA 23117 Across From Food Lion (540) 894-9488 L A K E A N N ANURSERY Plants, Stone, Mulch, Landscaping, Gifts & More NEW OWNERSHIP! portunity that this country can provide. Dhakar, a dentist and business own- er in the community for more than 30 years, agrees with many of the can- didates that tax reform and reduc- ing government spending are crucial to the welfare of the commonwealth. Candidate Matt Pinsker, a profes- sor of Homeland Security Law at VCU, also is seeking the Republican nomi- nation. Pinsker says he was motivated to run in large part because of issues he noticed during his time at VCU. Pinsker says that the rising cost of higher education is out of control. He explained that these costs are creating hardship for graduates who are often burdened with thousands of dollars in stu- dent loans. Pinsker also wants voters to know that he is a principled conservative. “I stand for conservative principles and want to push back against the agenda the left is pushing,” Pinsker said. “That agenda includes higher taxes, boys in the girls locker room and the promot- ing of Richmond as a sanctuary city.” The sixth Republican candidate is Jay Prendergrast. please do so soon,” noted Brandon. The business offers a massive variety of plants in the form of trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, even water plants, in addition to mulch and stone for hard- scaping projects. Other services offered include land- scape design and lawn care/mainte- ance. Gardening-related gift items can also be found inside the shop. Stop by and check out their stunning waterfall and beautiful koi pond and see what else you might need as you browse.