Lake Anna Life & Times Late Spring 20 17 20 SpecialPeopleAndPlacesOf Lake Anna BUILDING MATERIALS and HARDWARE WE DELIVER QUALITY! Plus, Paints, Tool Rental and Composite Deck/ Dock Products continued from 11 So why wait? Contact us today! 540.748.8288 LKA Lake Anna, VA TM Outfitters 540.894.3540 at High Point Marina A female and male bufflehead duck painting by Lake Anna artist Curtiss E. Poorman. explain to me what they want and together we sit down and discuss what the final outcome will be as I see it then.  I have an extensive photo file for reference purposes and do quite a bit of photography as well.  Starting with a basic sketch, after I have determined the season in which I wish to capture, I start the background work to where I have roughed in the  basic composition.  Once I’ve obtained the desired affects of light and seasonal color I begin work on the main subject, which I enjoy the most. To me detail is important.  I want my subject to look like it can fly off the canvas or run off a hardboard.  I want my customer to be able to get a sense of wonder after they hang their painting. “Most of my work are commissions.  Since moving here to LKA I’ve been concentrating on the wildlife of the region, with great blue herons and bald eagles being the most popular. ” Time to completion of a work varies. Poorman usually has three to five paintings in progress at one time.  He told L&T that an average 16” x 20” paint- ing takes about 100 to 150 hours, depending composi- tion.  On the other hand, when he works on his an- nual entry for the Federal Duck Stamp Competition he normally spend 200 or more hours in research, composition, and fine de- tail. Poorman has made the semi-finals three different years, one of which was a cinnamon teal, which can be seen in theTV program shown on Animal Planet entitled “The Million Dollar Duck” . Some of his larger works take almost a year to complete. Poorman’s prices vary. He says he tries to keep his prices to where most people can afford to own at least one.  GREAT GIFTS & APPAREL, KAYAKS & PADDLEBOARDS! “$300 to $500 would purchase most of my work, however, I have paintings 18” x 24” and greater that run from $800 to $5,000.  I have six prints on the market right now. The base price is $30, discounted when I have an open house which is usually twice a year. ” The Lake Anna artist says he was most influenced by a high school mentor. “My art teacher in high school influenced me the most.  His love of hunting and fishing and his ability to capture on canvas what he saw in the wild set me on my current path. ” Poorman says he doesn’t hunt anymore, but still enjoys spending his spare time in his BassTRACKER boat trying to figure out where to find Lake Anna’s bass, or on the lower Po- tomac and Rappahannock River fishing for cats and croakers.  He also enjoys kayaking, which for those who’ve been there, done that, know you can really get close to the wildlife. Plans are currently in the works to produce four prints depicting LKA’s four most observed wildlife:The great blue heron, kingfisher, bald eagle and common loons. “I have done the rough sketch of the great blue heron confronting a beaver while fishing off the bea- ver’s lodge. The common loons will be featured with Edgewood Bay in the back- ground.  I also have plans to paint a large painting (30 x 36) of a school of crappie hidden under a brush pile. I want to paint some more bass and stripers as well.. ” Poorman says his third novel will hopefully be available in his studio by this fall. Editor’s Note: If you’d like to schedule a visit to Poor- man’s studio he can be reached at psilverfoxx@ His first novel, Matanuska is highly recommended.The sequel, ReturnTo Nevara is on my reading list. Point of Sale Systems - “Smart” Terminals - Online Shopping carts Gifts Cards - Mobile Payment Processing - Mobile Loyalty - Analytics We take care of payment processing, so you can take care of business. “I love the support! There is a big difference between a 1-800 number and local number where you get somebody you know immediately. I really value that!“ Troy Snuffer, Owner of Aquia Garrisonville Animal Hospital Bryan McLaughlin (540) 786-1847 x302 LKA OPENING THIS SPRING! 1875 New Bridge Rd., Mineral, VA Across from Lake Anna Food Lion 540 841-9684 Fender Bender To Restoration Auto Restoration/Repairs Paint Work/Body Work Powder Coating Sand & Soda Blasting RENTALS & SALES Curtiss E. Poorman signs his first novel.