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LakeAnnaLifeTimesSpring2016 5 overheard IS IT FACT OR FICTION New Developments Coming To Lake Anna Its not often that area residents can hear from developers and view their plans prior to the first spade full of dirt is moved and the bulldozers show up but that is exactly what took place at the end of February. The Lake Anna Business Partnership LABP held a Developers Forum on Feb- ruary 25 530 pm at Lake Anna Winery that featured Gary Griffith Doug Whitlock Jeff Remmers J.C. Bane and Ed Blount. Each developer was permitted 15 minutes to present their proposed project to attend- ees and then had 15 more minutes to an- swer questions. The LABP did not endorse any of the projects we merely acted as a conduit to the community so that members can be aware of some of the plans that are made for the lake noted LABP Vice President and event organizer Jeff Martin. The public was invited to attend and the winery sold wine by the glassbottle. Spon- sors Southern Image DesignBuild Inc. Lake Anna Linens Northern Virginia Title Escrow Virginia Community Bank Lake Anna Winery and Gene NewmanFulton Mortgage provided a light meal. Developments discussed included Sun- set Harbor Anna Vista Phase 2 Elk Creek Landing Mill Run and Lake Anna Resort. Jeff Remmers told Life Times recently that Elk Creek Landing is still a long ways out from the marketing phase. When the time is right this private side 150-acre subdivision will feature 110 lots and is lo- cated just before the Elk Creek Bridge on Kentucky Springs Road on the right if you are heading southeast. Gary Griffith was present at the Forum to represent Sunset Cove. This age-in-place development located just above Rose Val- ley in the North Anna River branch of the lake will feature garden style homes in five different layouts. There are 76 home sites all with access to a private community clubhouse and private docks. The 25 wa- terfront homes will include a private pier dock and boathouse. Every floor plan of- fers universal design features including a first floor owners suite. RV and boat stor- age facilities will be available to owners. Sunset Cove is one of the few planned urban development subdivisions approved on the lake. A combination of ample open space and a zero discharge plan for wastewater treatment won over a majority of Louisa planners and supervisors. 2016 Hydrilla Plan Begun Doug Whitock Vice President and Trea- surer of Land Anna Land Corporation LALC told those gathered about his new Anna Vista phase 2 subdivision located in Spotsylvania County across from Dike 1. This 21-acre community will feature 10 waterfront lots ranging from one to two-plus acres. Prices start at 350000 and top out around 485000. The common area will include a boat launch with private boat slips and parking. Theres even an existing structure that will be deeded to the POA for use as a meeting venue. continued on page 8 Sunset Cove model homes are nearing completion. continued on page 7 Measures to control the aquatic plant hydrilla are underway again on Lake Anna. Under the guidance of the Lake Anna Advisory Committee LAAC and the LAAC Hydrilla Sub- committee 500 triploid grass carp have been stocked into both sides of the lake and aquatic herbicide use has been budgeted for later in the summer after an experimental treatment last summer worked. Hydrilla is controllable using aquat- ic herbicide but its use in large quantities draws citizen concerns and is cost prohibitive. Grass carp were considered as part of the so- lution to control hydrilla. The prob- lem is that grass carp enjoy native plants nearly as much as hydrilla. To manage hydrilla without significantly reducing native grasses the Hyd- rilla Subcommittee recommended proceeding carefully with stocking levels. One problem with the grass carp permitting process is that it typically stocks carp on the basis of acres of visible hydrilla noted LACA Presi- dent and Chairman of the LAAC Hy- drilla Subcommittee Doug Smith If we are to prevent uncontrolled out- break of hydrilla we must anticipate the exponential growth of hydrilla and stock on the basis of expected hydrilla next year. Even anticipating significant growth rates will result in comparatively small stocking levels and hence require continued use of herbicide to solve problem areas such as docks common areas and launch sites. A balanced control program de- pends on a phased stocking program that starts with enough carp to have an impact but far fewer than have been used at Lake Anna and other lakes. The carp must be restocked each year to account for attrition and the total number as measured by the number of carp per shoreline acre adjusted until their effective- ness can be confirmed. That means that herbicide will need to be used in specific problem areas like launch areas and docks until a balance is achieved possible several years. In order to reduce attrition 22-29 in studies of stocked carp the larg- er 10-12 inch fish need to be pur- chased. A complicating factor is the fact that grass carp eat voraciously between 70 and 84 degrees water temperature. Outside that range they are significantly more lethargic and ineffective. Additionally their first year in the lake they can be ex- DUKES CREEK MARINAMold Inspections Remediation 540.895.5065 3831 Breaknock Rd. Bumpass PONTOON BOAT SALES RENTALS BOAT SERVICE - STORAGE Camping - Convenience Store - Ramp - Fuel