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LakeAnnaLifeTimesSpring2016 26 disallowed. The Subcommittee recommends that in order to facilitate law enforcement by pro- viding a consistent distance from shore in Spotsylvania and Louisa Counties the following be adopted through the VDGIF regulatory process No person shall operate any motorboat or vessel towing an individuals on skis tubes or any similar device surfboard or any similar device including wakeboard- ing wake skating and wake surfing within 200 feet or less of the shoreline docks piers and boathouses. This resolution was approved unani- mously by LAAC at their March meeting and forwarded to the LCBS for consider- ation. Unless the VDGIF receives support for the resolution it cannot begin the regu- lation amendment process. If a regulation amendment is not approved the 50 No Wake setback will continue to be the rule on the lake as both Louisa and Spotsylva- nia law enforcement have indicated they would be hesitant to try and enforce a County ordinance over a state regulation. The LAAC is an advisory committee consisting of Supervisors from Orange Spotsylvania and Louisa Counties as well as Supervisor-appointed citizen represen- tatives. LAAC meets every two months to dis- cuss issues affecting the lake community and is made up of Supervisors from Or- ange Louisa and Spotsylvania Counties and appointed citizen representatives. The issue of wakeboat waves affecting the health and safety of lake users and citizens is to be decided at a county and state level. The proposed ordinance has created division among lake folk predict- ably the wake sport community is against it. Many homeowners and non-wake sport lake users are for it. The Wakesurfing Subcommittee did meet with some wake sport representatives during the process to discuss the issues and no agreements were reached. The final resolution submitted to the LCBS reads NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED on this the X day of 2016 that the Louisa Board of Supervisors agrees that in order to support law en- forcement on Lake Anna and to promote safety on the water it supports a consis- tent requirement that no person shall op- erate any motorboat or vessel towing an individuals on skis tubes or any similar device on surfboard or any similar device including wakeboarding wake skating and wake surfing within 200 feet or less of the shoreline docks piers and boathouses and agrees to support any application to Virginia Department of Game and inland Fisheries that may be required for imple- mentation on Lake Anna. the BOS ultimately voted 3-4 against add- ing New Bridge to CIP recommendations for the BOS upcoming FY2017 budget deliberations. But then BOS next voted 7-0 in favor of a Resolution of Support for New Bridge and instructed the County Administrator to form a Fire EMS Stra- tegic Plan Work Group. None of this was advertised by notice published on an agenda opened for a public hearing or ever presented in full to facilitate an in- formed vote. At the BOS meeting on April 18 Supervi- sors Koren and Gentry again attempted to have the New Bridge Fire Rescue Sta- tion added to the FY2017 CIP but their motion failed by a 2-5 vote. Although we were unable to move the proposal forward for the 2017 budget pro- cess we did achieve recognition of the need some discussion of issues and valuable support. Now we are working on a path to move New Bridge Fire Rescue forward for approval in next years budget process noted Skinner. The Tara Woods area lake resident told LT the group also learned that the largest obstacle ahead may be the lack of a County-wide Strategic Plan for Fire EMS. As a result there has been in- adequate forward planning for capital improvements in the CIP. This situation stems from the historical development of fire rescue and emergency services as community efforts undertaken by involved citizens establishing and operating the facilities equipment and staffing them- selves. According to Skinner In this view re- sponsibility for providing fire and rescue rests with small dedicated groups within each community and not as a primary serve and protect function of govern- ment. We need a Strategic Plan for Fire EMS in Louisa County. It needs to ad- dress responsibility growth funding implementation municipal and volunteer location and a host of related issues Skinner urges. The goals of the CNBFRS are 1 to generate community and business sup- port for establishing a new municipal fire and rescue station to be located on New Bridge Road in the Lake Anna Designated Growth Area of Louisa County which is currently under-protected and 2 to pro- mote the proposition that Louisa County Government should develop adopt and implement a county-wide Fire EMS Strategic Plan and has the responsibility to provide necessary fair and equitable fire protection emergency medical and rescue services to all citizens of Louisa County and the public at-large within Lou- isa County borders. NewBridgeFireRescuecontinued from 22 200NoWakeOrdinancecontinued from 23 LakeAnna Beach Marina For fishing reports directions and photos go to HOME OF JIM HEMBY MCCOTTERS LAKE ANNA GUIDE SERVICE At the 208 Bridge Striper Bass Lures Guides Launching Tackle Ethanol-Free Gas Live Bait Boat Slips Dry Storage Tournament Facilities High Point Marina Boat Parking Electric hookups ColorTV Telephone Private Patio Refrigerator and Microwave Lake Annas ONLY Waterfront Motel The Lighthouse Inn 540 895.5249 LKAWEAR Retailer for Visit Lake Annas Newest Waterfront Destination This Season 540 872.4180 Near the dam at 349 Pleasant Landing Rd. Bumpass VA Beach - Boat Rentals Boat Slips Storage LKALKA