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LakeAnnaLifeTimesSpring2016 21 200 No Towing Ordinance On The Lake Gaining Speed Hawkins Creek Construction Lake Farm Home Rudy Goodman 540.894.3668 Land Clearing Brush Hogging Eco-Friendly Tree Brush Removal Driveway Repair Installation RipRap Retaining Walls New Yard Installation or Regrade Drain Culvert Installation Maintenance We are licensed insured. No Job Is Too Small Now offering low cost options to conventional land clearing. Call today WatsonsMULCH TOPSOIL STONE YARD LAKE ANNA 540.895.0006 MINE RUN STORE 540.854.7703 Let Us Help You With Your Home Project Quality MulchesTopsoil Gravel Natural Landscaping Stone Pavers Wall Block Artificial Veneer Stone Your First Step To Lake Living... Lake Anna Realty Can Help With All Your Lake Anna Real Estate Needs 540.894.8888 Sales Vacation Rentals Located across from New Bridge Landing Shopping Center 1425 New Bridge Rd. Mineral VA 23117 A powerful wave has been building for a year now that could be cresting soon and changing the way folks enjoy Lake Anna. A movement to bring Louisa Countys shoreline No Wake ordinance into congruency with Spotsylvanias that has been dubbed the Anti-Wake Surfing Law by some since it would prohibit towing anything within 200 of the shoreline has been approved by the Lake Anna Advisory Com- mittee and sent to the Louisa County Board of Supervisors for review. Jean McCormick Chair of the LAAC Safety Commit- tee and member of the Wake surfing Subcommittee co- authored the resolution for the ordinance after much research that began in 2015. Currently both Louisa and Spotsylvania already have ordinances that define dis- tance from shore for motor- boats specific to Towing skis or surfboard near shoreline of Lake Anna Spotsylvania- Sec.14-12. And Operating boat or manipulating water skis etc. in a reckless man- ner. Louisa Sec.82-26 Code 1971. However these ordinances are inconsistent in content distance from shore and de- gree of penalties for violations making law enforcement very difficult on Lake Anna Mc- Cormick wrote in her presen- tation paper to LAAC. The Lake Anna resident and member of the Lake Anna Coast Guard Auxiliary notes innovative designs greater horsepower and unique en- gineering to increase boat performance and operation particularly in the sport of wake surfing demand that our elected representatives address and mitigate safety concerns that have arisen as a result of these developments. Reports of small boats and paddle sports enthusiasts be- ing swamped and overturning waves crashing over occupied docks rip rap being washed back into the water at an ac- celerated rate and sea walls being damaged have become increasingly common com- plaints among Lake Anna resi- dents since the advent of the modern wake boat. Virginia law states that it is unlawful to operate any mo- torboat greater than no wake speed when 50 feet or less from docks piers boathouses boat ramps and people in the water. This distance of 50 feet in Mc- Cormicks and others minds is not adequate to provide a safe boating environment for all of Lake Annas users. In fact the LAAC Wake surf- ing Subcommittees research showed that it takes 200 feet for a 2-3 foot wave to dissipate before damaging the shore- line. McCormicks solution is sim- ple create a larger distance from the shore that towing is continued on page 26 Wake surfing is a popular activity on Lake Anna. Participants surf behind a specialized large wake-producting tow boat often without tether performing tricks to the delight of riders. Lake Anna Business Partnership