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LakeAnnaLifeTimesSpring2016 12 whats new BE THE FIRST TO KNOW Boardwalk Miniature Golf is projected to open in May with a grand opening May 28. Many local contractors were used in its construction and Virginia Community Bank financed it. Steve Benjoar photo Lake Anna Beach Marina And Resort Needs New Site Plan To Open Mini-Golf About To Open At The Boardwalk At Lake Anna Lake Anna Life Times recently caught up with one of the part- ners of the new mini-golf course at The Boardwalk At Lake Anna Boardwalk Miniature Golf. If you thought youd seen it all at the lake you havent seen any- thing yet as this mini-golf course is something special as is the tale of its creation. The story starts with one pinball machine David Brizzolara told LT A friend of mine since high school Mark Conley has an amusement business which he has done all his life. He provides games for many bars and res- taurants in central Virginia es- pecially locations around Lake Anna. I David Brizzolara have a plumbing company and have been in business since 1993. My hobby is collecting and working on pinball machines. Mark asked me to help set up and maintain pinball machines in some of his locations being that was kind of my thing. One of the locations was Fuzzys store at the Boardwalk Lake Anna. This machine stayed there through the course of a year which was noticed by the building owner Steve Benjoar. Steve ran us down and asked us to do a full arcade in one of the spaces available on the boardwalk. See- ing all the traffic generated from the businesses there we decid- ed to give it a try. In October 2014 Brizzolara met with Conley to discuss im- provements for the arcade at The Boardwalk. He mentioned that he had spoke to Benjoar that day and he thought that we should consider doing a mini golf on the property also owned by Gary Griffith. Both of us laughed and contin- ued our conversation about the arcade but later that night I be- gan to rehash the conversation with Mark and remembered the mini golf comment. The wheels in my head began to turn and I stayed up until 2 in the morning researching mini golf on the in- ternet. By the time I went to bed I was convinced the miniature golf would be a perfect fit for the boardwalk at Lake Anna. The next day Brizzolara shared his ideas with Conley and within two weeks the duo had made a trip to Wild Wood NJ to visit with Harris Miniature Golf Co. There they took a tour with the compa- nys salesmen Glenn Lynn and were shown some of the courses they created. A short time later they had Harris Golf design a course to fit the space provided for them at the lake. The follow- ing week they had a meeting with Benjoar and Griffith to show them the design and a proposal. I think they were expecting us to construct some do-it-yourself thing from materials we could get from the local hardware store Brizzolara joked. Instead the proposal detailed a professional well-designed course with ponds creeks foun- tains bridges even a waterfall. Eighteen holes of miniature golf with a challenging well-thought out design of skill and luck. Shots that bank and drop to dif- ferent levels jump over creeks and constantly put you in danger of ending up in the water are fea- tured. Theres even one hole that gives you the choice of hitting the ball in the creek on pur- pose which then will float down stream and cleverly end up on the green you were targeting. Also included is Harris Golfs fa- mous Over Under Shot. Nine holes are Americans with Dis- abilities Act compliant. After the pitch Brizzolara said Steve and Gary were all in. In the fall of 2014 we had plans to be open in the spring of 2015 but little did we know we had to get approvals from everybody but president Obama. We had to wait for this approval then this one then that but cant get that because they are on vaca- tion. We finally get to the last approval and were denied by Dominion. The course was origi- nally designed to be all the way down to the water but Dominion would not allow it. Brizzolara and Conley went back to Harris Golf to redesign the course to have a whole new shape and move up the hill. A year later everything was ap- proved but the next hurdle is fi- nancing. We met with loan officer Dan Moskowitz from Virginia Com- munity bank and shared with him our idea not knowing how well it would be received. In short time he smiled and said It is a won- derful idea. Not only did he help us with the finances but referred us to several people whom we ended up using their services. Brizzolara notes two of them were Andy Latham with Blue Swipe and Wesley Chiles with Chiles Enterprises LLC. Other local contributing subs were New Day Excavating Hawkins Creek Construction and Jenkins Electric. If things go as planned the course should be open the mid- dle of May. May 28th is sched- uled to be the grand opening day and Brizzolara and Conley will allow the first 50 customers to play a round for free. Extensive rennovations to Lake Anna Beach Marina Resort were well underway until a visitor from Louisa County dropped by and noted some un-permitted construc- tion. County Code Enforcement Officer Paul Snyder cited owner Mike Vallerie for sev- eral infractions including add- ing an exterior stairway to the second floor of an existing structure. Rennovations and improvements were halted until County requirements were met. Allyson Fincham of Louisa County Community Develop- ment noted at the Lake Anna Business Partnership Town Hall Meeting held May 1 that Lake Anna Beach Marina and Resort owner cannot open the business until they submit a site plan. Since this location has been out of busi- ness for over two years the original site plan is invalid and they need to start over. Its been a challenge to get Val- lerie to understand the regu- lations. As soon as I get that site plan we are going to turn it around. In April Vallerie was granted his requests for Conditional Use Permits so that he could begin preparations to hold weekly Saturday evening con- certs at the lakeside facility next to Lake Annas dam as well as host a triathalon. Caveats to the approval of the concert permit included changing the end time of the concerts to 10 pm instead of 11 pm. The stage the concerts were intended to play on however was improved without County approval or inspection so Val- lerie is faced with trying to fast-track his Site Plan or hav- ing the bands play on the sur- rounding lawn. Lake Anna Beach Marina Resort is planning on renting Waverunners pontoons and runabouts. LKA LKA