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LakeAnnaLifeTimesSpring2016 11 PHOTO continued on page 18 Louisa County Mineral District Supervisor Stephanie Koren and the Lake Anna Business Partnerships Gene Newman at the recent Lake Anna Spring Festival. ShaneBakerphoto hiking wildlife watching and more are e in Ware Creek thanks to Marvin Ware. What changes have you seen in the past 10 years at the lake Growth in the area is the biggest change. The addition of the shopping center with Food Lion being the anchor and seven restaurants opening within a years time was huge for the areas de- velopment. The VDGIF has done a great job monitoring the fish population as the catch rates are close to an all time high. The additions of hybrid stripers wipers and hybrid walleye saugeye has also made the lake an exciting place to fish. Whats the best and worst parts of owning a marina Many of our customers have been here for multiple years and we are like family and we have watched their chil- dren grow up and in some cases have TheadditionoftheFoodLionbeingthe anchorandsevenrestaurantsopening withinayearstimewashugefortheareas development. - Carlos Wood