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LakeAnnaLifeTimesSpring2016 10 DiscoveringTheSpecial Aseriesdocumentingthosethathavelefta heritageworthnoting by C.C. McCotter WWhat makes Lake Anna so special to so many people both resident and visitor alike Is it the clear clean and warm wa- ter Is it the abundant fish and birds that also make the lake their home Is it the lake lifestyle that features both laid back and wild boat parties and places with names like Cocktail Cove The Sand Bar Kayakers Beach Skinny Dippers Cove and Bohemian Bay Or is it places like Tims Anna Cabana Anna Point Marina and High Point Marina that offer great access and good times Its probably all of the above as well as 100 other reasons depending on who you ask. But if you asked folks to name what makes Anna so special its more often than not something thats natural a sun- set woods a beach a quiet morning. In this series well bring you the story of familiesfolks that have made sure that those that live and visit here will be able to enjoy this intrinsic beauty of the lake undeveloped and green ap- preciating places that remain a bit wild and untouchable by the bulldozers of development. These are the special people and places of Lake Anna and we should all be grateful for them. Carlos Wood is a 54-year-old trained CPA that runs one of the top marinas on the lake. Hes the dark-haired fellow you often see behind the desk in the office behind the counter punching numbers into a computer but youll also discover him forklifting boats off the Boat Valet rack and into the water rennovating any of the on-site buildings repairing docks taking trash to the dumpster even helping boaters launch and retrieve their boats. Wood is the owner operator of High Point Marina and his story is one of ser- vice and reward. Wood and his wife Debbie live nearby on Rt. 208 and employ their three sons Nate Justin and Kevin at the marina throughout the season making High Point truly a family business. Life Times caught up with Wood after he just completed major rennova- tionupgrades to the marina docks and boat slips asking him the questions we thought you would. When did your family establish itself at Lake Anna and please describe that process Back in the midlate 70s my uncle owned Dukes Creek Marina and decided to sell. My parents both being entrepre- neurs thought it would be a challenging and profitable business venture. We owned and operated the marinacamp- ground from 81-86 then we too decided to sell. When the land where we are now located at the 208 bridge became avail- able in 1987 we decided to get back into the marina industry. In our eyes this was the best piece of property on the lake. It was centrally located on a main road in the heart of development already zoned commercial and best of all the land was raw and we could develop it the way we wanted. Why after all these years have you continued to operate the marina instead of selling it Its been an enjoyable and profitable business. I have an overly inflated value of what the business is worth Ha Ha so no one would be able to afford to purchase it. Plus it is an investment in my familys future. All my children have worked here and still do. Over the years as local state and federal govern- ment entities have increased regulations and paperwork Ive spent more time behind a desk and my son Nathan has stepped up and taken over all the stor- age and maintenance operations and many of the day to day operations too. What is your vision for the future of High Point Marina We are starting our 28th season and have maxed out our expansion of the property. Renovations to keep the prop- erty fresh and up to date with modern technology and conveniences are an ongoing priority. We keep a list of which areas of the property need upgrading and work on it during the off season. Please describe in detail your recent investments in the marina. Over the past five years we have been renovating the motel and valet docking area however this past year we have done the most expansive renovations to date. In December we removed 28 float- ing docks and in January Lake Region PeopleAndPlacesOf Lake Anna WoodFamilyLegacy Paddling fishing all possible Repair Mineral the local ShoreMaster representative began installing a state- of-the-art covered floating dock system complete with 3 concrete walk around docks security cameras and 10 high roofs. Also during this time we com- pletely overhauled our fueling docks. We now offer three grades of ethanol free fuel 87 89 and 93 octane and its pay at the pump available 24 hours a day.