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LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 7 overheard IS IT FACT OR FICTION Lake Annas Islands Are Now Marked And Named Buoys ible. That adds 170 to the cost of the buoy. There are 64 No Wake and hazard buoys maintained by the Nav Committee. For bud- get purposes we assume 15 of buoys andor lights will need to be replaced. Sometimes it is possible to rehab buoys but some are so damaged they cant be reused. Increased boating traffic accumulating accelerated wave action accidental run-ins to buoys and posts vandalism and aging buoys have made maintenance a challenging year round project. While it is not possible to mark every hazard or shal- low area on Lake Anna we must constantly look for ar- eas that have become dan- gerous to boaters and be prepared to mark it for their safety. Where does the money come from for buoy drop- pingmaintenance As far as I know for the last couple of years we have received 1750 each from Spotsy and Louisa. I think it is the responsibility of the counties that border this lake and receive a sub- stantial amount of revenue from lake residents to fully fund this important safety program. It is a small price to pay to help protect Lake users from personal injury or damage to their boats. Why do you care so much about the lake that you do this for everyone Because it needs to be done. It is a critical compo- nent of safe boating. As a long time boater and resi- dent of Lake Anna I feel a strong commitment to keep- ing all users of Lake Anna safe. We all should. When my predecessors retired after many years of dedicated service to pro- tecting boaters through our buoy system their positions were vacant for well over a year. No one stepped up. I felt leaving buoys un- monitored and un-serviced threatened boaters safety so I took responsibility be- cause someone needed to. The new Lake Anna Illustrated Map will be available for free at area businesses. New Illustrated Map Of Lake Anna Coming In 2016 Lake Anna Life Publishing and Dockside Realty have teamed up to commission an illustrated map for Lake Anna much like the ones visitors can pick up at resort destinations all over the country. Artist and illustrator Maria Rabi- nky was contacted in early 2015 and terms were negotiated for her to produce one of her origi- nal map illustrations for the lake. She is a classically trained art- ist originally from Russia now an American citizen living in the area. After several visits including one courtesy of pilot Bill Fosdick Rabinky began to draw the map. Several revisions later and the finshed product resulted. Her works include dozens of illustrated maps for other cit- ies and municipalities including Charlottesville Lynchburg and Richmond The intention of creating this- product was to give our vistors a continued from page 5 continued on page 17 complimentary map that would help them navigate the lake and roads here as well as link them with area businesses on the map noted Dockside Realtys Dave Moberly. We also wanted something a bit whimsy and artsy something that is differ- ent from fishing and real estate maps. The 18x22 map will feature local landmarks wildlife com- monly and uncommonly scene as well as businesses and major roadways. It will be free at area businesses. An electronic in- teractive version will be online too. Two versions will be available the complimentaray folded map for visitors and a rolled map suit- able for framing sold for 14.95 plus shipping. For more information on how to be included on the map call 540.894.3540 or email lkalife Lake Anna Life Times began noticing yellow signs on islands this summer and asked Maureen Daniels Past Commander Flotil- la 87 Lake Anna United States Coast Guard Auxiliary about the new effort to mark and identify the lakes islands. Heres what she told us about this ambitious plan. ensuring a safe environment for all users. This group has met quarterly for the past five years to improve communications and to better coordinate emergency respons- es to the lake. Daniels noted that first re- sponders share a common frus- tration with boaters in trouble who call 911 but cannot identify their location on the lake. All too frequently distressed boaters describe seeing lots of trees or boat docks. In an emer- gency seconds count so it was the ESCs goal to think of ways to improve boaters knowledge of the laketo encourage situ- ational awareness. The first idea was to create a user friendly uncomplicated map of Lake Anna that empha- sized landmarks like bridges the North Anna Power Station the dam the State park restau- rants marinas etc. that boaters could use as reference points if they needed to describe their position to 911 operators. Next the group decided to enlist the aid of waterfront ho- meowners and HOA common areas to provide additional 911 location markers. The committee asked them to purchase12 x18 black on yellow aluminum signs to install in a highly visible place on their docks. The more signs the better for pinpointing a boater in trouble. To date there are almost 500 signs on docks and in common areas around the lake. The signs are routinely used by law en- forcement and 911 dispatchers to locate an emergency or to in- vestigate an incident. 911 opera- tors have reported taking calls from people on the lake who have used the dock sign number expediting response time. The dock sign program could not have happened without the voluntary support of the lake community who willingly paid 18 to buy an sign to participate in the effort to keep people safe. As far as the new effort to mark islands Daniels said this spring Dominion not only agreed to al- low the Committee to install lo- cation markers on their islands around the Lake but have pro- vided the funding as well. Last spring Dominion Power awarded the Lake Anna Civic Associa- tions LACA Emer- gency Services Committee ESC a grant that allows the committee to expand its dock sign initiative by in- stalling additional location markers on Dominions islands Daniels explained. The Emergency Services Committee is a coalition of local law enforcement fire rescue Coast Guard Auxiliary Dominion Power the State Park the Lake Anna Busi- ness Partnership and marinas around the lake who share a commitment toIsland sign example.