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LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 5 overheard IS IT FACT OR FICTION Lake Anna Resort Saga Continues Nov. 2 As soon as we take the trees down there we have people standing in line. Ed Blount developer Lake Anna Resort Is Lake Anna ready for a six-story hotel and retail resort complex with 39 rooms and 90 condominiums That is the question to be examined and voted upon at the November 2 Louisa County Board of Supervisors meeting scheduled for 7 pm in the Public Meeting Room in the County Office Building. After at least three years of planning revisions meetings and untold emails documents and phone calls it appears the future of the Lake Anna Resort will finally be known or will it be Developer Ed Blount Lakehouse Build- ing Design has been working for months to convince County planners his vision for 10 acres of Lake Anna located on Mitchell Creek off Rt. 208 is accept- able and good for the community. While Blount does not own the property hes planning to develop owners Michael A and Gertrude C. Coleman have entrusted him with part of their family land. The Louisa resident builder has filed a rezoning application for whats known as a Planned Urban Development PUD to build what he calls source Lake Anna Resort PUD Submission Package a destination with extensive public beach area and boat launch equipped with re- tail spaces perfect for a day of lakeside shopping an array of restaurants and convenient food delivery to the waterfront area along with a wide variety of activities to entice every visitor to or resident of the Lake Anna Resort. Blounts latest plan calls for 60 residen- tial condominiums with one two and three bedroom floorplans 10250 sq. ft. of com- mercialretailoffice space a 39-room ho- tel with spa a 90-seat restaurant a pool public and private beaches 36-covered boat slips 364 parking spaces waterfront cabanas kiosks and other recreational amenities such as shuffleboard bocce ball volleyball and badminton courts - all on 10 acres with 400 of waterfront. A quick look at the history of the pro- posed PUD rezoning application reveals its gone through official Louisa County Community Development Neighborhood The proposed site and entrance plan for Lake Anna Resort. Whos In Charge Of All Those Buoys Lake Anna Life Times caught up with Jean McCormick imme- diate Past Commander of Flotilla 87 and the current Chair of the LAAC Water Safety and Naviga- tion Committee and asked her the questions we thought youd like to have answered about the lakes extensive buoy system. Who is in charge of reviewing buoy requests on the lake If a homeowner or HOA wants to install a No Wake buoy in front of their property or common area they must first fill out an applica- tion from their respective county and pay a fee which is non refund- able. The office of Community De- velopment initially handles these requests then sends them to the Virginia Department of Game Inland Fisheries VDGIF the Wa- ter SafetyNavigation Committee of the Lake Anna Advisory Com- mittee LAAC and adjacent property owners affected by the application for com- ments and recommenda- tions. All that information is then forwarded to VDGIF before they make a deci- sion for approving the ap- plicants request. The final decision rests with DGIF. Who is in charge of fulfilling approved buoy requests All No Wake buoys at the bridges on the cold public side--except the 208 Bridge--and all hazard buoys are the responsibility of the Water SafetyNaviga- tion Committee of LAAC. The Committee follows the same process outlined above. Ultimately VDGIF has final approving authority for all buoys on Lake Anna. Who pays for said buoys The applicant is respon- sible for buying the buoy installing it and main- taining it. How much does it cost per year to maintain the lakes buoys A typical No Wake buoy is about 225. The Nav Commit- tee adds amber lights to their No Wake buoys and white lights to hazard buoys to make them more vis- Meetings drawing significant opposition from members of the community each time Community Develop- ment Work Sessions and denied twice unanimously May 14 and September 10 by the Louisa County Planning Commission. In the interim the PUD application was sched- uled to be voted on by the Louisa County Board of Supervisors on June 15 but Blount requested a deferral 45 minutes before the meeting began. Planning C o m m i s - sioners are appointed by Louisa S u p e r v i - sors to represent a district. Four of these dis- tricts in- continued on page 7 continued on page 13 clude Lake Anna shoreline -- Cuckoo Jackson Louisa and Mineral. Jack Matthews is the Plan- ning Commissioner for the Mineral District where Blount would like to build his resort. Matthews and his fellow Commissioners reviewed the rezoning application with the assistance of Louisa County Community Development staffs assistance twice com- ing to the same conclusion each time. At the September 10 Planning Commission meeting Matthews asked Blount several questions before rec- ommending denial of the application. Before the vote Mat- thews noted I still have big issues with the de- velopment. Big issues in the fact that Lake Anna is a jewel of Louisa County with a lot of undeveloped