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LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 13 LakeAnnaPilates Yoga BAKER Lawncare 540.894.9408 Give us your lawn and well make you look good Commercial Residential American- Owned Operated withShannonSternberg Lake Annas First Only Pilates Yoga Studio New Client Special - Complementry 30-minute private instruction. Call to schedule your appointment today 9942 Kentucky Springs Rd 1 mile down from Food Lion 540.748.7078 JOHN CONLEE Nov. 7 400 and 800 p.m. This award-winning country legend with over twenty 1 country hits. PINKALICIOUS Nov. 15 200 p.m. Pinkalicious is an enjoyable family fun musical. SANDERS FAMILY CHRISTMAS Dec. 4 5 730 p.m. Dec. 6 200 p.m. The entertaining sequel to the hit bluegrass musical SMOKE ON THE MOUNTAIN. JUDY COLLINS Holiday Show Dec. 10 and Dec. 16 730 p.m. Join Grammy Award winning icon for special holiday show. Judy sings songs holiday songs her hits like Amazing Graces and Send In The Clowns. TAYLA LYNN Jan. 30 730 p.m. The granddaughter of country music star Loretta Lynn live in concert. 2015-16 Performance Calendar shoreline. As planner and being brought on this commission to help look at good stewardship I dont have any issue with res- taurants but I have a real issue with two condominiums sitting on 400 of waterfront that are going to have 60 rental units some residents but most likely rentals 262 parking spots a public beach hotel rooms all working on 400 of waterfront. I just do not see it as prudent planning and I cant back it. This was denied before. It was sent to the BOS to come back to us with major revisions. I re- ally dont see a lot of major revi- sions. Commissioner Jack Speer said he would not vote for the PUD rezoning application at the meeting. Im not going to be able to vote for this because of the commu- nity service designation in the 2012 County Comprehensive Plan. The way I learned it when I went to planning school is that is a guiding and legal document. Its very clear and definite about what goes into community ser- vice and this isnt it. The Board of Supervisors is going to have to deal with that issue. I ask at every meeting that that item be considered and so far its not been considered so Tommy LCBS Chairman Tommy Bar- low its yours. Planning Commission Chair- man Eric Purcell said of the plan at the meeting I think there will be development on this property its just a question of what kind of development. I continue to be concerned about some of the logics related to the sewer and water. Twelve year Lake Anna resident Barry Schaeffer also attended the September 10 Planning Commission Pub- lic Hearing and was the sole member of the public that spoke in favor of the proposed development. I am way short of being com- petent to evaluate whether Lake Anna Resort plan meets all of the requirements and ordinances thats your job but I do know what a develop- ment there properly planned and executed means for the lake. ...One of the things Lake Anna has needed to attract at- tention from around the state is a destination. Where do you go when you come to Lake Anna Unless you know where to go there really isnt a place. I be- lieve that a well-executed de- velopment with some retail with a restaurant with a hotel will help build that sense of destina- tion. Unless youre a boater or a fisherman you dont even know Lake Anna is here. Per the rezoning application process Blount has a right to have his request voted on by the LCBS. That meeting is scheduled for November 2. Lake Anna Life Times con- tacted all seven of the Louisa County Supervisors asking them why they thought the Planning Commission voted unanimously twice to deny the PUD application for Lake Anna Resort. Some didnt make our deadline. Others didnt re- spond. LCBP Chairman Tommy Bar- low Mountain Road District noted he thought The mem- bers were not comfortable with the magnitude of the project noting that he depends heav- ily on the PCs advice but will base my decision on the infor- mation presented at the BOS meeting. Supervisor Troy Wade Louisa District told LT he thought his Planning Commissioner voted to deny the application because he didnt feel that his con- cerns regarding a viable water source and sewage treatment were adequately addressed and that while he gave a great deal of credence to advice from his commissioner he noted he would always vote based on my thoughts and opinions and those of the people I repre- sent. Cuckoo District Supervisor Willie Gentry told LT that the votes of the Planning Commis- sion had very little bearing on his vote. I will keep an open mind until our public hearing. Proponents have called Blounts plan visionary while opponents have called it ill- conceived and eye-sore and Lake Annas Wally World. Claude Owen is an across- the-creek homeowner to the proposed development and has been working with his neigh- bors and other lake residents to ensure County officials under- stand opposing views. Lake Anna Life Times asked him why he thought the Plan- ning Commission denied the rezoning application twice unanimously. In the first instance perhaps it could be argued that the Planning Commissioners were not satisfied that the application was in order. At the second meeting after the applicant had several weeks to perfect his application the Commission judged the project on its merits Lake Anna Resort Rezoning Saga Continues continued from page 5 or lack thereof. They turned it down because the developer is trying to squeeze too much de- velopment on too little land. Owen feels LakeAnna Resort is a classic case of over-devel- oping and is overly ambitious. I object to the whole concept proposed especially high den- sity condos on a small plot of land and the use of an industrial sized untested septicdrain field system on the shores of Lake Anna. Doug Smith of the Lake Anna Civic Association LACA told the LCPC that LACAs policy has not been to approve or oppose developers but to work with them to best serve the best in- terest of the lake. He noted that he had worked with the devel- oper to address the concerns of LACA members and that the changes Blount made had sat- isfied them.