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LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 12 Lake Anna BUILDING MATERIALS and HARDWARE WE DELIVER QUALITY Plus Paints Tool Rental and Composite Deck Dock Products developer was ready to pay over 7 million. So why did Ware sell the land to the state and take less Thats a question that might have gone with him to his grave located just off Rt. 208 on the right past Lake Anna Realty whereWare was born if not for his daughter Ruth Lebarron Ware who helped us with this article. She remembers her father fondly I miss his sense of humor most. His silly laugh that would lead to tears. His toothless grin. His stories. I miss playing cards with him his favorite rummy 500. I even miss the amber stain running down his chin from his chewing tobacco. Lebarron remembers it was getting difficult for him to farm the land at his age and he also worried about us having to pay the taxes on the property. We also feel he wanted to be the one to determine what happened to the land and thus removed the burden on us. There was a developer also interested in the property but once the state parks became inter- ested he knew that this was want he wanted. He didnt want to see it being devel- oped. He liked the thought of it being preserved for ev- eryone to enjoy. The Wares called the tract The Other Place and re- members most a natural spring under a big oak where her granddaddy kept a gourd dipper to get a drink a water when he was working there now under the lake. There was huge hill too we would run down or roll down towards the spring.We enjoyed playing in the creek while Daddy and Granddad- dy worked in the hay. According to Lebarron her father was not a huge fan of the lake initially. He was con- cerned the lake would take too much of his land so he wouldnt have room for both dairy and beef cattle along with room for crops. Once VEPCO bought the land it wasnt long after that he sold the dairy cattle which were housed at our home at Wares Cross Roads. Daddy was one that never liked change Lebarron told LT. So what would Ruth like to see done with Ware Hill or The Other Place I would love to see it taken care of Daddy and my Granddaddy worked hard to clear the land for farming and would hate to see it just grow up again. I thought there was talk about an amphitheater lodgevisitors center. In addition to Thomas and Sally Ware four of their 11 children are also buried in the family cemetery visible from the lake halfway up Ware Hill. Lebarron grew up in the home her father built in 1950 on the farm where he raised his daughters just west of Dickinson Store on 208. What will become of the Ware Tract now Word has it a bond referendum is com- ing in 2016 to provide fund- ing for Virginia State Parks. If that occurs the Lake Anna State Park Master Plan does call for an outdoor amphithe- ater and Visitors Center on the old Ware land. We hope they remember Marvins legacy and wants when they turn the first shovelful of dirt for the project. continued MarvinWarecutting hayonWareHill2004 FOR Service To America Service To Louisa Ready To Serve Again Louisa Co. Resident Since 1973 Graduate of Fork Union Military Academy 1987 Graduate of Virginia Tech 1997 Married 23 with 2 sons Owns Oakley Farm in Louisa County Decorated Military Leader Veteran Currently A Major In The National Guard 13 Years In Local Law Enforcement MIKE SILBERMAN LOUISACO. SHERIFF So why wait Contact us today 540.748.8288 BECAUSE EXPERIENCE MATTERS Re-Elect Sheriff Fortune VOTE NOV. 5 FOR LOUISA CO. SHERIFF 16 Years Serving As Louisa Co. Sheriff SpecialPeopleAndPlacesOf