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LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 1 Lake Anna Monster ARound The Lake OVERHEARD EATDRINK LAKE LIFE Calendar DID YOU KNOW LAKE ANNAs SOURCE FOR NEWS ENTERTAINMENT lake anna Oct.Nov. 2015 life times Special People Of Lake Anna Marvin R. Ware LKAers Want Firehouse Lake Anna Islands Marked Local Restaurants Off-Season Specials 2015 Grapes Grains Festival Recap LKATM Lake Anna Resort Is It Coming Or Going LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 2 540 895.5085 Join us for one of our special events this season a personal wine tasting or just an evening out with someone special. - Jeff Heidig Lake Anna Winery Visit our website for more great winery weekend events. Weddings Special Events Tours Open Year Round Wed. - Sun. Lake Anna Business Partnership 5621 Courthouse Road Spotsylvania VA 22551 Join Us For Great Events... Haunting Halloween Madnes October 31 Lake Anna WINERY JoinUsOnFacebook n HOV Wine Trail November 7-8 HOV Jingle Bell Trail December 5-6 n Drop by for a tasting try our new Concerto Merlot LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 3 contentsOctoberNovember 2015 Vol. 1 Issue 4 overheard 5 around the lake 8 fact or fiction real estate news Quote of the Month did you know 16 lake anna monster23 lake life20 calendar of events history fun facts opinion LKA gliteratti off-season specials lake anna life times As soon as we take the trees down there we have people standing in line. Ed Blount developer Lake Anna Resort p. 5 Special People of Lake Anna 10 lake anna resort saga continues whos in charge of all the buoys islands now marked eat drink18 n e w l a k e m a p citizens forLKA fire rescue station 14 lake anna winery turns 33 LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 4 lake annalife times lake lettersPublisher Woods Waters Publishing LC Editor-In-Chief C.C. McCotter Managing Editor Christine McCotter Editorial Staff Writers Kate Elim Libby Hayes Bob King Ashley Newton Advertising Senior Account Representative Susan Vandervliet Account Representative Bob King Restaurant Account Representative Ashley Newton Advertising Design Woods Waters Publishing LC Lake Anna Life Monthly is published six times a year DecemberJanuary FebruaryMarch AprilMay June July AugustSeptember OctoberNovember Decem- berJanuary. It is distributed on newsstands around the Lake Anna region and inserted into other publica- tions. The electronic version can be viewed at www. Subcriptions are available for 30 per year media mail or 45 per year first class mail. We invite the submission of exclusive articles and cannot be responsible to the return of unsolicited works. 75 Edgewood Dr. Mineral VA 23117. News tip and ad- vertising inquiry email Office phone 540.894.5960. All Lake Anna Monster submis- sions or Letters From The Lake must be signed with return address. Website Email Our Policies All communications for print whether by mail text or email must be signed by the person submitting the letter and include a phone numberaddress where the person can be reached. We reserve the right to edit for grammar. The opin- ions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the Publisher or Editor merely those of our readers. Please submit all electronic correspondence and advertising inquiry to lkalifeearthlink. net and all mail to Lake Anna Life 75 Edgewood Dr. Mineral Va 23117. Copyright by Woods Waters Publishing LC 2015. All rights reserved. Printed on recycled newsprint. LKA is a licensed trademark used with permission. facebook.comlakeannalife lkalife correspondence Find The Lake Anna Monster... 540-967-1514 - Land Surveying - 540-967-1499 - Aerial Mapping - Surveying Lake Anna Area Since Before The Lake Boundary Surveys Topographic Surveys Family Divisions Subdivisions Construction Staking GPS Control Aerial Mapping Orthophotos Its hidden somewhere in this issue. Guess right and be entered to win a 15 LKA Outfitters gift certificate. Email your guess to us at CorrectionsAdditions Dear Lake Anna Life Times We appreciate your mixed coverage of Lake Anna. Your blend of news events and personalities is just what the lake needed. We look forward to seeing your publication grow. Ron Green Clifton VA Flattery will get you everywhere Ron. Your LKA sticker is in the mail. - ED To the Editor I had no idea of the history of the Con- ways and Ive had a house across from that point for the past 10 years. Thank you for bringing us that story. Janise Powell Rockville VA Check out this months focus on the legacy of Marvin Ware for the next installment of the Special People of Lake Anna Series. - ED While we strive to be error-free alas we are not. In our AugustSeptember edition we had the wrong phone for Lake Anna Pilates. The correct is 540.748.7078. We apologize for any confusion that may have caused. LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 5 overheard IS IT FACT OR FICTION Lake Anna Resort Saga Continues Nov. 2 As soon as we take the trees down there we have people standing in line. Ed Blount developer Lake Anna Resort Is Lake Anna ready for a six-story hotel and retail resort complex with 39 rooms and 90 condominiums That is the question to be examined and voted upon at the November 2 Louisa County Board of Supervisors meeting scheduled for 7 pm in the Public Meeting Room in the County Office Building. After at least three years of planning revisions meetings and untold emails documents and phone calls it appears the future of the Lake Anna Resort will finally be known or will it be Developer Ed Blount Lakehouse Build- ing Design has been working for months to convince County planners his vision for 10 acres of Lake Anna located on Mitchell Creek off Rt. 208 is accept- able and good for the community. While Blount does not own the property hes planning to develop owners Michael A and Gertrude C. Coleman have entrusted him with part of their family land. The Louisa resident builder has filed a rezoning application for whats known as a Planned Urban Development PUD to build what he calls source Lake Anna Resort PUD Submission Package a destination with extensive public beach area and boat launch equipped with re- tail spaces perfect for a day of lakeside shopping an array of restaurants and convenient food delivery to the waterfront area along with a wide variety of activities to entice every visitor to or resident of the Lake Anna Resort. Blounts latest plan calls for 60 residen- tial condominiums with one two and three bedroom floorplans 10250 sq. ft. of com- mercialretailoffice space a 39-room ho- tel with spa a 90-seat restaurant a pool public and private beaches 36-covered boat slips 364 parking spaces waterfront cabanas kiosks and other recreational amenities such as shuffleboard bocce ball volleyball and badminton courts - all on 10 acres with 400 of waterfront. A quick look at the history of the pro- posed PUD rezoning application reveals its gone through official Louisa County Community Development Neighborhood The proposed site and entrance plan for Lake Anna Resort. Whos In Charge Of All Those Buoys Lake Anna Life Times caught up with Jean McCormick imme- diate Past Commander of Flotilla 87 and the current Chair of the LAAC Water Safety and Naviga- tion Committee and asked her the questions we thought youd like to have answered about the lakes extensive buoy system. Who is in charge of reviewing buoy requests on the lake If a homeowner or HOA wants to install a No Wake buoy in front of their property or common area they must first fill out an applica- tion from their respective county and pay a fee which is non refund- able. The office of Community De- velopment initially handles these requests then sends them to the Virginia Department of Game Inland Fisheries VDGIF the Wa- ter SafetyNavigation Committee of the Lake Anna Advisory Com- mittee LAAC and adjacent property owners affected by the application for com- ments and recommenda- tions. All that information is then forwarded to VDGIF before they make a deci- sion for approving the ap- plicants request. The final decision rests with DGIF. Who is in charge of fulfilling approved buoy requests All No Wake buoys at the bridges on the cold public side--except the 208 Bridge--and all hazard buoys are the responsibility of the Water SafetyNaviga- tion Committee of LAAC. The Committee follows the same process outlined above. Ultimately VDGIF has final approving authority for all buoys on Lake Anna. Who pays for said buoys The applicant is respon- sible for buying the buoy installing it and main- taining it. How much does it cost per year to maintain the lakes buoys A typical No Wake buoy is about 225. The Nav Commit- tee adds amber lights to their No Wake buoys and white lights to hazard buoys to make them more vis- Meetings drawing significant opposition from members of the community each time Community Develop- ment Work Sessions and denied twice unanimously May 14 and September 10 by the Louisa County Planning Commission. In the interim the PUD application was sched- uled to be voted on by the Louisa County Board of Supervisors on June 15 but Blount requested a deferral 45 minutes before the meeting began. Planning C o m m i s - sioners are appointed by Louisa S u p e r v i - sors to represent a district. Four of these dis- tricts in- continued on page 7 continued on page 13 clude Lake Anna shoreline -- Cuckoo Jackson Louisa and Mineral. Jack Matthews is the Plan- ning Commissioner for the Mineral District where Blount would like to build his resort. Matthews and his fellow Commissioners reviewed the rezoning application with the assistance of Louisa County Community Development staffs assistance twice com- ing to the same conclusion each time. At the September 10 Planning Commission meeting Matthews asked Blount several questions before rec- ommending denial of the application. Before the vote Mat- thews noted I still have big issues with the de- velopment. Big issues in the fact that Lake Anna is a jewel of Louisa County with a lot of undeveloped LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 6 804.347.2042 I handle every job like it was my own personal project. - Jeff Owen Homes Remodeling Garages - Kitchens Bathrooms Basements Lake Anna Business Partnership HOMES ADDITIONS GARAGES BOATHOUSES DECKS Make Cutalong your home today.A world-class golf community overlooking LakeAnna. Ideally situated between Washington DC. Richmond and Charlottesville. 1-855-CUTALONG 1-855-428-8256 or 540-223-9180 LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 7 overheard IS IT FACT OR FICTION Lake Annas Islands Are Now Marked And Named Buoys ible. That adds 170 to the cost of the buoy. There are 64 No Wake and hazard buoys maintained by the Nav Committee. For bud- get purposes we assume 15 of buoys andor lights will need to be replaced. Sometimes it is possible to rehab buoys but some are so damaged they cant be reused. Increased boating traffic accumulating accelerated wave action accidental run-ins to buoys and posts vandalism and aging buoys have made maintenance a challenging year round project. While it is not possible to mark every hazard or shal- low area on Lake Anna we must constantly look for ar- eas that have become dan- gerous to boaters and be prepared to mark it for their safety. Where does the money come from for buoy drop- pingmaintenance As far as I know for the last couple of years we have received 1750 each from Spotsy and Louisa. I think it is the responsibility of the counties that border this lake and receive a sub- stantial amount of revenue from lake residents to fully fund this important safety program. It is a small price to pay to help protect Lake users from personal injury or damage to their boats. Why do you care so much about the lake that you do this for everyone Because it needs to be done. It is a critical compo- nent of safe boating. As a long time boater and resi- dent of Lake Anna I feel a strong commitment to keep- ing all users of Lake Anna safe. We all should. When my predecessors retired after many years of dedicated service to pro- tecting boaters through our buoy system their positions were vacant for well over a year. No one stepped up. I felt leaving buoys un- monitored and un-serviced threatened boaters safety so I took responsibility be- cause someone needed to. The new Lake Anna Illustrated Map will be available for free at area businesses. New Illustrated Map Of Lake Anna Coming In 2016 Lake Anna Life Publishing and Dockside Realty have teamed up to commission an illustrated map for Lake Anna much like the ones visitors can pick up at resort destinations all over the country. Artist and illustrator Maria Rabi- nky was contacted in early 2015 and terms were negotiated for her to produce one of her origi- nal map illustrations for the lake. She is a classically trained art- ist originally from Russia now an American citizen living in the area. After several visits including one courtesy of pilot Bill Fosdick Rabinky began to draw the map. Several revisions later and the finshed product resulted. Her works include dozens of illustrated maps for other cit- ies and municipalities including Charlottesville Lynchburg and Richmond The intention of creating this- product was to give our vistors a continued from page 5 continued on page 17 complimentary map that would help them navigate the lake and roads here as well as link them with area businesses on the map noted Dockside Realtys Dave Moberly. We also wanted something a bit whimsy and artsy something that is differ- ent from fishing and real estate maps. The 18x22 map will feature local landmarks wildlife com- monly and uncommonly scene as well as businesses and major roadways. It will be free at area businesses. An electronic in- teractive version will be online too. Two versions will be available the complimentaray folded map for visitors and a rolled map suit- able for framing sold for 14.95 plus shipping. For more information on how to be included on the map call 540.894.3540 or email lkalife Lake Anna Life Times began noticing yellow signs on islands this summer and asked Maureen Daniels Past Commander Flotil- la 87 Lake Anna United States Coast Guard Auxiliary about the new effort to mark and identify the lakes islands. Heres what she told us about this ambitious plan. ensuring a safe environment for all users. This group has met quarterly for the past five years to improve communications and to better coordinate emergency respons- es to the lake. Daniels noted that first re- sponders share a common frus- tration with boaters in trouble who call 911 but cannot identify their location on the lake. All too frequently distressed boaters describe seeing lots of trees or boat docks. In an emer- gency seconds count so it was the ESCs goal to think of ways to improve boaters knowledge of the laketo encourage situ- ational awareness. The first idea was to create a user friendly uncomplicated map of Lake Anna that empha- sized landmarks like bridges the North Anna Power Station the dam the State park restau- rants marinas etc. that boaters could use as reference points if they needed to describe their position to 911 operators. Next the group decided to enlist the aid of waterfront ho- meowners and HOA common areas to provide additional 911 location markers. The committee asked them to purchase12 x18 black on yellow aluminum signs to install in a highly visible place on their docks. The more signs the better for pinpointing a boater in trouble. To date there are almost 500 signs on docks and in common areas around the lake. The signs are routinely used by law en- forcement and 911 dispatchers to locate an emergency or to in- vestigate an incident. 911 opera- tors have reported taking calls from people on the lake who have used the dock sign number expediting response time. The dock sign program could not have happened without the voluntary support of the lake community who willingly paid 18 to buy an sign to participate in the effort to keep people safe. As far as the new effort to mark islands Daniels said this spring Dominion not only agreed to al- low the Committee to install lo- cation markers on their islands around the Lake but have pro- vided the funding as well. Last spring Dominion Power awarded the Lake Anna Civic Associa- tions LACA Emer- gency Services Committee ESC a grant that allows the committee to expand its dock sign initiative by in- stalling additional location markers on Dominions islands Daniels explained. The Emergency Services Committee is a coalition of local law enforcement fire rescue Coast Guard Auxiliary Dominion Power the State Park the Lake Anna Busi- ness Partnership and marinas around the lake who share a commitment toIsland sign example. LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 8 around the lakeREAL ESTATE NEWSCOUNTY NEW ROUND-UP Libby LAKE ANNA LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE Buying or Selling Your Lake Anna Area Specialist CERTIFIED INVESTMENT AREA SPECIALIST LIBBY SANDRIDGE 540-223-0350 Visit... ABR CIAS Lake Anna Business Partnership 540.872.6556 Begin your search for properties at Then call or email me at Associate Broker Linda Fosdick Dave Guna Realtor Lake Anna Island Realty 540-903-9428 c 540-894-4400 o 540-226-1964 Thinking of buying or selling Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia To view current listings please visit... blog email Kate Elim Call REALTOR I BY KATE ELIM Want to advertise here Contact Bob King at 540.854.4181 Lets Go Fishing For A Great Lake Place For You ts fall and Im falling love with Lake Anna all over again. Truth be told Im always in love with Lake Anna...It would be very difficult not to be.There is something absolutely wonderful about seeing the reflection of the colorful leaves in the water. If you have not treated yourself to a boat ride during this time of year please try to make it happen this season.Those that are fortunate enough to live or spend time here know what I mean. Another nice thing about the fall is that as the leaves drop the homes along the shore become even more visible.That is another treat. Every time we go out I see another home that I havent noticed before and often several more.That is excit- ing to me because no matter how many new homes we have the area still maintains its rural feel. There was a time when fall was not only a colorful sea- son it was also a time when we would witness a slow- ing down of the real estate market. It never shut down completely but it certainly did slow down. With the economic recovery still mov- ing forward we are seeing a difference with fall continu- ing to be a busy time. Fortunately Lake Anna continues to experience a very healthy real estate mar- ket.To set the record straight right from the beginning I must admit that we are not seeing real apprecia- tion. I am not sure what it will take for that to happen other than a matter of time. Nevertheless it is healthy in that we continue to have a good number of properties selling.This article will deal only with homes although 21 unimproved lots also sold during the third quarter of 2015. We continue to witness some pent up interest in selling as many owners have had the luxury of wait- ing until the Great Reces- sion showed significant signs of being behind us. Now they are putting their properties on the mar- ket. Buyers in most price ranges have had multiple homes to chose from and many of them were able to find what they were looking for.This has contributed to a busy time for everyone involved in the real estate sector including buyers and sellers. Since July 1 2015 until September 30 2015 there have been 47 houses sold.This includes a com- bination of waterfront and water access homes.That includes homes sold from a low of 99822 to a high of 1425000 with that seller paying a 11000 subsidy to the buyer.The private side accounted for 11 of these sales while there were 36 sold on the main or public side of the lake. During this same period in 2014 there were 47 homes sold. The lowest sold price was 100000 and Fall In Love With Fall... And Lake Anna the highest was 1630000 without any subsidy. Of the 47 homes sold 38 of these were located on the main side lake and the other nine were on the private side. Our numbers may seem low compared to other more populated areas but these are good numbers for Lake Anna. It will be interesting to see what the future brings. I promise to keep you posted. MRIS our multiple listing system recorded 48 homes sold. However each year one of the houses included by the listing agent was not a waterfront home nor part of any Lake Anna community so they have been excluded. LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 9 Long Foster Real Estate 13001 Lake Anna Village Drive Spotsylvania VA 22551 LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 10 DiscoveringTheSpecial Aseriesdocumentingthosethathaveleft aheritageworthnoting by C.C. McCotter WWhat makes Lake Anna so special to so many people both resident and visitor alike Is it the clear clean and warm water Is it the abundant fish and birds that also make the lake their home Is it the lake lifestyle that features boat parties and places with names like Cocktail Cove The Sand Bar Kayakers Beach Skinny Dip- pers Cove and Bohemian Bay Or is it places like Tims Anna Cabana Anna Point Marina High Point Ma- rina that offer great access and good times Its probably all of the above as well as a 100 other reasons depending on whom you ask but if you asked folks to name what makes Anna re- ally special their answer more often than not will be something thats natural a breathtaking sunset fall color in the woods a beach the call of a loon a sunrise with birdsong to greet the sun. In this edition we again bring you the story of a person that has made sure that those that live and visit here will be able to enjoy this type of intrinsic beauty undeveloped and green appreciating places that re- main a bit wild and untouchable. These are the special people and places of Lake Anna and we should all be grateful to them. Marvin Ruffner Ware was born Sep- tember 12 1924. He married Nancy Traynham April 15 1949 and was the father of five girls. He passed away on March 17 2007. Ware served in the US Army dur- ing WWII spending most of his time in Germany and France. A farmer by heritage he also worked for Louisa County Schools after his morning chores driving a school bus starting in 1963. It wasnt long after that he became part of maintenance depart- ment for the school system which he retired from after 23 years of service. Ware was a short but very strong man at 56 with small feet and large biceps. He was a hardworking man and you can see that in his rough working man hands. He loved to chew his tobacco and always carried a can for spitting. He was determined assertive and direct. When he was out working the fields he would be wearing old school is- sued blue or green work pants and shirt with a sweat-stained white t- shirt underneath it all. When it was cold Ware dressed in thermals flan- nel and overalls. When it came time for church and funerals he would al- ways wear a dark suit usually Navy with a white shirt and tie. Ware was always good about visit- ing friends and family in the hospital. He enjoyed visiting on Sunday after- noons. He loved to talk and always had a story to tell. According to those that can remember he could make WWII sound like Boy Scout camp. Each night after diner it was the news and the Wheel of Fortune or he headed to Dickinsons Store to catch up on the news there. He loved sitting on the porch or under the shade of a tree. He loved his family children his dogs and his cattle. He believed in hard work saving your money and that a man was as good as his word. He had many friends and was a good friend to many. In February of 2006 an amazing thing quietly happened at LakeAnna. The State Park grew by 367 acres and the person that sold it took less than what he was offered by a developer. That person was Marvin Ware. During that cold winter there was a hot deal made between the local farmer and a northern Virginia de- veloper. Ware would sell the north side of Ware Creek and the develop- er would have thousands of feet of prime waterfront with a sunset view to create Annas next subdivision. Wares land had been in the family for over 200 years and no one had lived on the property since the pass- ing of Wares grandparents Thomas and Sally in 1936. They are buried on the property Their son Levy C. Wares father inherited the land and he and his son Marvin farmed it side-by-side until Levy passed in 1977 when Marvin inherited it. PeopleAndPlacesOf Lake Anna TheLegacyOfMarvinWare Paddling fishing all possible For many years cattle were kept on the property during the warm months. When the lake came in the late 60s it was cultivated cropland mainly a hayfield. Timber was also harvested to clear for more farm- land. At the time of the deal in 2006 Marvin was maintaining Ware Hill as a tidy hayfield. RuthLebarronWarephoto LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 11 PHOTO continued on page 12 Louisa County Mineral District Supervisor Stephanie Koren and the Lake Anna Business Partnerships Gene Newman at the recent Lake Anna Spring Festival. MikeHigginsLakeAnnaCaretakersphoto hiking wildlife watching and more are e in Ware Creek thanks to Marvin Ware. A funny thing happened to that deal with the developer though it didnt close and thats another story for another time. Within minutes of the initial deal falling through there was a back-up contract waiting to be signed. The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation and several members of theVirginia General Assembly had been shown the property and decid- ed to fund a bid to purchase it and add it to the Lake Anna State Park on the other side of Ware Creek. The state paid a little over 5 mil- lion for the 367-acre tract that was appraised at over 6 million. The The Ware Creek Tract from the air. PhotocourtesyBillFosdick LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 12 Lake Anna BUILDING MATERIALS and HARDWARE WE DELIVER QUALITY Plus Paints Tool Rental and Composite Deck Dock Products developer was ready to pay over 7 million. So why did Ware sell the land to the state and take less Thats a question that might have gone with him to his grave located just off Rt. 208 on the right past Lake Anna Realty whereWare was born if not for his daughter Ruth Lebarron Ware who helped us with this article. She remembers her father fondly I miss his sense of humor most. His silly laugh that would lead to tears. His toothless grin. His stories. I miss playing cards with him his favorite rummy 500. I even miss the amber stain running down his chin from his chewing tobacco. Lebarron remembers it was getting difficult for him to farm the land at his age and he also worried about us having to pay the taxes on the property. We also feel he wanted to be the one to determine what happened to the land and thus removed the burden on us. There was a developer also interested in the property but once the state parks became inter- ested he knew that this was want he wanted. He didnt want to see it being devel- oped. He liked the thought of it being preserved for ev- eryone to enjoy. The Wares called the tract The Other Place and re- members most a natural spring under a big oak where her granddaddy kept a gourd dipper to get a drink a water when he was working there now under the lake. There was huge hill too we would run down or roll down towards the spring.We enjoyed playing in the creek while Daddy and Granddad- dy worked in the hay. According to Lebarron her father was not a huge fan of the lake initially. He was con- cerned the lake would take too much of his land so he wouldnt have room for both dairy and beef cattle along with room for crops. Once VEPCO bought the land it wasnt long after that he sold the dairy cattle which were housed at our home at Wares Cross Roads. Daddy was one that never liked change Lebarron told LT. So what would Ruth like to see done with Ware Hill or The Other Place I would love to see it taken care of Daddy and my Granddaddy worked hard to clear the land for farming and would hate to see it just grow up again. I thought there was talk about an amphitheater lodgevisitors center. In addition to Thomas and Sally Ware four of their 11 children are also buried in the family cemetery visible from the lake halfway up Ware Hill. Lebarron grew up in the home her father built in 1950 on the farm where he raised his daughters just west of Dickinson Store on 208. What will become of the Ware Tract now Word has it a bond referendum is com- ing in 2016 to provide fund- ing for Virginia State Parks. If that occurs the Lake Anna State Park Master Plan does call for an outdoor amphithe- ater and Visitors Center on the old Ware land. We hope they remember Marvins legacy and wants when they turn the first shovelful of dirt for the project. continued MarvinWarecutting hayonWareHill2004 FOR Service To America Service To Louisa Ready To Serve Again Louisa Co. Resident Since 1973 Graduate of Fork Union Military Academy 1987 Graduate of Virginia Tech 1997 Married 23 with 2 sons Owns Oakley Farm in Louisa County Decorated Military Leader Veteran Currently A Major In The National Guard 13 Years In Local Law Enforcement MIKE SILBERMAN LOUISACO. SHERIFF So why wait Contact us today 540.748.8288 BECAUSE EXPERIENCE MATTERS Re-Elect Sheriff Fortune VOTE NOV. 5 FOR LOUISA CO. SHERIFF 16 Years Serving As Louisa Co. Sheriff SpecialPeopleAndPlacesOf LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 13 LakeAnnaPilates Yoga BAKER Lawncare 540.894.9408 Give us your lawn and well make you look good Commercial Residential American- Owned Operated withShannonSternberg Lake Annas First Only Pilates Yoga Studio New Client Special - Complementry 30-minute private instruction. Call to schedule your appointment today 9942 Kentucky Springs Rd 1 mile down from Food Lion 540.748.7078 JOHN CONLEE Nov. 7 400 and 800 p.m. This award-winning country legend with over twenty 1 country hits. PINKALICIOUS Nov. 15 200 p.m. Pinkalicious is an enjoyable family fun musical. SANDERS FAMILY CHRISTMAS Dec. 4 5 730 p.m. Dec. 6 200 p.m. The entertaining sequel to the hit bluegrass musical SMOKE ON THE MOUNTAIN. JUDY COLLINS Holiday Show Dec. 10 and Dec. 16 730 p.m. Join Grammy Award winning icon for special holiday show. Judy sings songs holiday songs her hits like Amazing Graces and Send In The Clowns. TAYLA LYNN Jan. 30 730 p.m. The granddaughter of country music star Loretta Lynn live in concert. 2015-16 Performance Calendar shoreline. As planner and being brought on this commission to help look at good stewardship I dont have any issue with res- taurants but I have a real issue with two condominiums sitting on 400 of waterfront that are going to have 60 rental units some residents but most likely rentals 262 parking spots a public beach hotel rooms all working on 400 of waterfront. I just do not see it as prudent planning and I cant back it. This was denied before. It was sent to the BOS to come back to us with major revisions. I re- ally dont see a lot of major revi- sions. Commissioner Jack Speer said he would not vote for the PUD rezoning application at the meeting. Im not going to be able to vote for this because of the commu- nity service designation in the 2012 County Comprehensive Plan. The way I learned it when I went to planning school is that is a guiding and legal document. Its very clear and definite about what goes into community ser- vice and this isnt it. The Board of Supervisors is going to have to deal with that issue. I ask at every meeting that that item be considered and so far its not been considered so Tommy LCBS Chairman Tommy Bar- low its yours. Planning Commission Chair- man Eric Purcell said of the plan at the meeting I think there will be development on this property its just a question of what kind of development. I continue to be concerned about some of the logics related to the sewer and water. Twelve year Lake Anna resident Barry Schaeffer also attended the September 10 Planning Commission Pub- lic Hearing and was the sole member of the public that spoke in favor of the proposed development. I am way short of being com- petent to evaluate whether Lake Anna Resort plan meets all of the requirements and ordinances thats your job but I do know what a develop- ment there properly planned and executed means for the lake. ...One of the things Lake Anna has needed to attract at- tention from around the state is a destination. Where do you go when you come to Lake Anna Unless you know where to go there really isnt a place. I be- lieve that a well-executed de- velopment with some retail with a restaurant with a hotel will help build that sense of destina- tion. Unless youre a boater or a fisherman you dont even know Lake Anna is here. Per the rezoning application process Blount has a right to have his request voted on by the LCBS. That meeting is scheduled for November 2. Lake Anna Life Times con- tacted all seven of the Louisa County Supervisors asking them why they thought the Planning Commission voted unanimously twice to deny the PUD application for Lake Anna Resort. Some didnt make our deadline. Others didnt re- spond. LCBP Chairman Tommy Bar- low Mountain Road District noted he thought The mem- bers were not comfortable with the magnitude of the project noting that he depends heav- ily on the PCs advice but will base my decision on the infor- mation presented at the BOS meeting. Supervisor Troy Wade Louisa District told LT he thought his Planning Commissioner voted to deny the application because he didnt feel that his con- cerns regarding a viable water source and sewage treatment were adequately addressed and that while he gave a great deal of credence to advice from his commissioner he noted he would always vote based on my thoughts and opinions and those of the people I repre- sent. Cuckoo District Supervisor Willie Gentry told LT that the votes of the Planning Commis- sion had very little bearing on his vote. I will keep an open mind until our public hearing. Proponents have called Blounts plan visionary while opponents have called it ill- conceived and eye-sore and Lake Annas Wally World. Claude Owen is an across- the-creek homeowner to the proposed development and has been working with his neigh- bors and other lake residents to ensure County officials under- stand opposing views. Lake Anna Life Times asked him why he thought the Plan- ning Commission denied the rezoning application twice unanimously. In the first instance perhaps it could be argued that the Planning Commissioners were not satisfied that the application was in order. At the second meeting after the applicant had several weeks to perfect his application the Commission judged the project on its merits Lake Anna Resort Rezoning Saga Continues continued from page 5 or lack thereof. They turned it down because the developer is trying to squeeze too much de- velopment on too little land. Owen feels LakeAnna Resort is a classic case of over-devel- oping and is overly ambitious. I object to the whole concept proposed especially high den- sity condos on a small plot of land and the use of an industrial sized untested septicdrain field system on the shores of Lake Anna. Doug Smith of the Lake Anna Civic Association LACA told the LCPC that LACAs policy has not been to approve or oppose developers but to work with them to best serve the best in- terest of the lake. He noted that he had worked with the devel- oper to address the concerns of LACA members and that the changes Blount made had sat- isfied them. LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 14 Grassroots Effort To Bring Firehouse To Lake Anna Begins overheard IS IT FACT OR FICTION Graphic supplied by Citizes For New Bridge FireRescueMarine As part of our continuing com- mitment to bringing you the news first we caught up with Ron Skinner a long-time Lake Anna resident working with sev- eral other concerned citizens to raise community awareness of the need for a firerescuemarine station in the mid lake region. Skinner and his group were fresh off their very first public pre- sentation at the October 20 Lake Anna Business Partnerships Business LABP After Hours held at Tavern On The Rail. That presentation was given to 50 of the lakes business owners two Louisa County Supervisors and several other Louisa County of- ficials. Heres what he had to say about this grassroots effort. Who is organizing this effort and why Citizens for New Bridge Fire RescueMarine Station was formed about a year ago. We are a small group of Louisa County residents who perceived that the Lake Anna area needs more fire and rescue emergency services both on land and water. We de- cided to first research and inves- tigate to determine if that need was real and if a case could be documented and illustrated. We found that the Lake Anna Desig- nated Growth Area is under-pro- tected. This also strains the fire and rescue resources across all Louisa County. Now our purpose is to gen- erate community and business support for establishing a new fire rescue station on New Bridge Road Route 208 near the New Bridge Landing Food Lion shopping center located at the mid-point of Lake Anna and the Designated Growth Area. Benefits from a new facil- ity at this key location include 1 faster response times through- out Louisa County 2 improved life health and safety protection for residents and visitors 3 re- duced insurance premiums for homeowners and businesses 4 home base at the mid-point of Lake Anna for Louisa County marine and water rescue units and 5critical services neces- sary to support growth that has already occurred and promote healthy Lake Anna area growth in the future. Who have you spoken to at the County level to discuss this plan and what has been their reac- tion We have met so far with several Louisa County officials includ- ing Stephanie Koren Mineral District Supervisor Willie Gen- try Cuckoo District Supervisor Jack Matthews Mineral District Planning Commissioner Chief Keith Greene and Assistant Chief and Kristin Hawk Depart- ment of Fire and Emergency Services Weve also had conversations with Ann Heidig Lake Anna Ad- visory Committee Chairman and Spotsylvania County Livingston District Supervisor and C.C. McCotter Lake Anna Advisory Committee Vice-Chairman and Louisa County Citizen Repre- sentative and LABP 2015 Presi- dent. We have found their reactions have been unanimously positive and supportive of our research findings and conclusions. Bear in mind that our group has not developed a plan per se as that is really the purview of Loui- sa County officials. According to the numbers you have provided it appears that a very small percentage of the taxes generated from the lake area are being reinvested in in- frastructure - specifically fire rescue. Why do you think that is the case Overall Louisa County current- ly spends about 4 million 4 of its budget on fire rescue and emergency services. We under- stand this is primarily a result of historically volunteer operations both locally staffed and princi- pally funded by community do- nations forming a patchwork of coverage across the County. As County population has grown usage and employment patterns have changed the very dedi- cated but diminished volunteer staffs have had a tougher time responding to dramatically in- creased call volumes. Several years ago the County began supplementing with paid career staff and deeper financial sup- port gradually transitioning to more reliance on career fire and EMS staff with municipal fund- ing. However while the popu- lation of Louisa County has in- creased almost 40 in the past 15 years the last new fire station was added in 1992 23 years and rescue squad in 1998 17 LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 15 Hawkins Creek Construction Lake Farm Home Rudy Goodman 540.894.3668 Land Clearing Brush Hogging Eco-Friendly Tree Brush Removal Driveway Repair Installation RipRap Retaining Walls New Yard Installation or Regrade Drain Culvert Installation Maintenance We are licensed insured. No Job Is Too Small Now offering low cost options to conventional land clearing. Call today WatsonsMULCH TOPSOIL STONE YARD LAKE ANNA 540.895.0006 MINE RUN STORE 540.854.7703 Let Us Help You With Your Home Project Quality MulchesTopsoil Gravel Natural Landscaping Stone Pavers Wall Block Artificial Veneer Stone Citizens for New Bridge FireRescueMarine Station discuss their findings at the Lake Anna Business Partnerships October meeting. From left to right - Dave Boardway Ron Skinner and Cindy Dove. Great selection of LKA gifts 540.894.3540OutfittersAt High Point Marina Great Deals On Kayaks Paddleboards by Join Us For Our Annual Christmas Open House Nov. 21-22 28-29 Dec. 5-6 Open 10-2 years. Basically we have a lot of catching up to do. Do you think its possible to get a New Bridge FireRescue sta- tion funded and staffed by Lou- isa County based your under- standing of the existing County finances Definitely YES. Its been in the Countys Comprehensive Plan for about 15 years. The prop- erty was deeded to the County by proffer in 2010 and is well located for this purpose. The need for more fire and rescue services has been established. The entire County will benefit from improved call response times. It is a great investment to support and promote desirable growth and revenue. Its a WIN all around. What area would the new fire- house coverserve The New Bridge FireRescue Marine Station primary coverage area within a 5-mile radius of the station would be in the northern areas of Louisa Countys Mineral and Cuckoo Districts and a small portion of the Louisa District. It is bounded by the NorthAnna River to the North approximately from Winston Road in the West to Mt. Pleasant Church Road to Fred- ericks Hall Road in the South to Elk Creek Road to Burruss Mill Road in the East. It has 2587 rooftop addresses of which 2217 86 are cur- rently rated unprotected 82 rooftops per square mile which is 2.3 times the average County density. It covers 14 of the total County rooftops repre- senting more than 960 million 20 current assessed real estate valuation and 7 million residential real estate taxes. It covers two-thirds of the Lake Anna Designated Growth Area including commercial develop- ment areas at Wares Cross- roads New Bridge Landing Lake Anna Town Center Lake Anna Plaza and the planned Lake Anna Resort. It has close access to the mid-point of Lake Anna for marine rescue opera- tions. What do you want Lake Anna area folks to do We are asking HOAPOA com- munities businesses and orga- nizations for a letter of support endorsing the New Bridge Fire RescueMarine Station to be located on Route 208 near the center of Lake Anna in the Lake Anna Designated Growth Area of Louisa County. We are asking citizens to sign a Petition of Sup- port. Letters may be addressed to Citizens for New Bridge Fire RescueMarine Station P.O. Box 960 Mineral VA 23117 Check out our Facebook page for breaking news Greg R. Akers 540.205.9854 builiding design complete home renovations kitchen bathroom remodels garages decks Lake Anna Resident VA Class B BuilderLicensed Insured aAffordable aReliable aLocal LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 16 did you knowLAKE ANNA HISTORY TRIVIA In searching for information regarding the creation of Lake Anna this writer had the pleasure of visiting the North Anna Nuclear Information Center and speaking with Mike Duffey and then later speaking with George OConnell and Edna Muss- er both former employees of Dominion Power. George recalled that in 1967 the Vir- ginia Electric and Power Company Ve- pco now known as Dominion Power had announced in the Central Virginian newspaper that it planned to build four nuclear reactors in Louisa County and create a lake. Throughout our conversa- tion George referred to the environmen- tal statement related to the North Anna Power Station issued in April 1973 by the then United States Atomic Energy Com- mission USAEC. In 1968 Vepco began purchasing ap- proximately 18645 acres of land for the construction of a dam and reservoir to supply cooling water for the units at its North Anna Power Station service roads and a spur railroad. The land cov- ered portions of the Virginia Counties of Orange Louisa and Spotsylvania with the bulk of the land situated in the latter two counties. Vepco also engaged the services of the engineering firm of Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation Boston Massachusetts for construction of the power station. Vepco filed its ap- plication with the USAEC in March 1969 to construct units 1 and 2 of the power station and permits for their construction were issued in February 1971. Unit 1 began operating in 1978. Unit 2 began operating in 1980. Vepco subsequently announced plans to construct two ad- ditional units at the power station in the future. An earthen dam built across the North Anna River was completed in 1972 it is constructed of 900000 cubic yards of compacted earthen materials and is rip- rapped with crushed granite it is 5000 feet long and 90 feet high and it has The Lake Anna dam as it appeared prior to Hurricane Agnes. Note the earth and stone construction except at the spillway and the complete removal of all trees and stumps. Musser OConnell And Duffey Remembering The Land Before The Lake BY LIBBY HAYES three concrete spillways to control the level of the reservoir Lake Anna so that a normal elevation of 250 feet above sea level and a maximum level of 255 feet above sea level could be maintained. Through construction of three dikes and canals a system of cooling ponds return cooling water from the plant to the res- ervoir. In preparation for the impoundment of the lake a 1075 acre area five miles up- stream from the dam on the south side of the reservoir was cleared for construction of the power plant and a railroad spur was constructed from the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad line six miles south of the site. The land upstream from where the dam was being constructed was cleared down to the earth all trees brush and debris up to the 255 feet sea level elevation were removed and though no trees re- mained some large tree stumps were left in some areas to delay erosion. Owners of the land along the shoreline were able to continue planting crops in the cleared areas and Edna Musser commented that because the lake filled so rapidly there were unharvested crops that became submerged in the water and she could see the tops of corn plants waving in the water as she rode across the bridge on route 208. A mobile home and 13 permanent homes were located within the boundar- ies of the lake acreage and needed to be demolished in conjunction with the clear- ing of the land. Those structures were bought and the owners were compen- sated at fair market value. In addition 45 family and community cemeteries were located within the boundaries and more than 3000 reinternments were performed to relocate them. Many of the secondary roads around the proposed site would be affected by the development of Lake Anna and conse- quently were modified. During the clearing of the north bank of the North Anna River a remnant of the Fredericksville iron furnace was exposed. This colonial blast furnace well docu- mented in Virginia history was put into service in 1727 as the second operation of its kind in Virginia. According to the April 13 1970 issue of the Free Lance Star the furnace was built by Charles Chiswell on Douglas Run a tributary of the North Anna River that historians were not certain when the furnace was abandoned but believe it did not operate long after Mr. Chiswells death in 1737 and that one of the companys major contributions to the area was the con- struction in 1729 of a road used to carry the finished iron from Fredericksville to the Rappahannock River which road is now known as route 208. The site was thoroughly explored by an archeological team in 1970 but the team found very little material of interest. The excavated site would be covered by water once the level of the lake reached the 250ft eleva- tion. The dirt and stone excavated from the reservoir site and from other areas were used to build the three dikes and the dam. A granite quarry was developed on the south bank of the lake which provided riprap for all the earthen structures. The May 29 1975 issue of the Free Lance Star reported that the State had made its first land purchase towards the planned 1800 acre state park on the Spotsylvania County shore of Lake Anna. LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 17 540.894.0215 Auto Glass Specialist TM MOWINGTRIMMING SPRING FALL AERATION MULCHING FERTILIZING LANDSCAPING LEAF REMOVAL POWER WASHING DOCKS DECK STAINING FREE ESTIMATES INSURED AND BONDED 540.894.0706 804.402.0263 LKALAWNCAREGMAIL.COM POWER WASHING EXPERTS Your Hometown Glass Specialist - Mineral VA Auto Glass Repairs TableTops Mirrors Windows Virginia Glassman GV 540 894.8500 Mobile Service 1904 Davis Hwy. Mineral Grapes Grains Festival Reflects Lake Annas Trending Popularity As Event Venue Lake Anna is now the site of wakesport competitions wine and beer festivals triathlons and more. Whats next LEAF REMOVAL In recent years Lake Anna has in- creasingly been the site of events de- signed to showcase the lakes intrinsic beauty combined with a culinary or sports theme. On any many weekends youll find pig roasts paddleboard yoga classes wake sport competitions concerts tri- athlons beer and wine festivals and more all open to the public. Promot- ers from elsewhere run some of these events from elsewhere. Locals andor local businesses offer many others. One such recent event was the Lake Anna Grapes Grains Festival held at the Christopher Run Campground Event Park October 10. The event was run by Lake Anna United a 501c4 non-profit group working with Louisa Humane Society and Louisa Adult Community Education volunteers to hold a craft beer and wine festival. This event was fully permitted by Louisa County and licensed by the Virginia Alcohol And Beverage Con- trol Board and supervised by a Louisa County deputy something not all events in the past have achieved. We wanted to run a lake showcas- ing event that had total County and community support noted Lake Anna United President Dave Moberly I think when you stress that from the beginning and have local folks running the event it usually goes well. Another type of event LKAers might well remember when it visits in the spring and fall is a triathlon. Many of the roads around the lake specifically Rts. 208 and Rts. 522 swell with bicy- clists completing a circuit that begins and terminates at Lake Anna State Park creating potentially dangerous driving conditions for both users. Wake sport events have also found Lake Anna to their liking with wake- boarding and wake surfing circuits vis- iting and using facilities at The Board- walk at Lake Anna and the Lake Anna State Park. Fishing tournaments were perhaps the first events held on the lake and are still held today drawing thousands of visitors to Anna each year. Lake Anna Winery was one of the first area businesses to legally hold public concerts and now often draws over 700 people to an event. In the coming years Lake Anna will continue to draw the eye of pro- moters looking to use the lake as a background for their events. Instead of requiring them to receive an expen- sive Conditional Use Permit CUP Louisa County is considering a less pricey Special Event Permit regula- tion options depending on the number of attendees expected. Spotsylvania County already offers this to event promoters. The next question is what about events held on the water Do they need a permit Currently the answer is No but rumor has it there are ef- forts underway to make sure a new kind of water event permit is part of the vetting process for promoters. If youd like to hold an event on the lake start with Louisa Community Ser- vices at or Spot- sylvania at RRobersonspotsylvania. Both email addresses lead you to the correct person to help with the permitting process. Lake Anna Grapes Grains Festival Keep Our Community Strong and Shop Locally Over 500 Cash Prizes Awarded No purchase necessary Nov. 20-Jan. 4 LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 18 eatdrinkRESTAURANTS AND MORE Gone are the days when you have to wait a half hour to get a table at your favorite Lake Anna eatery. In the offseason our res- taurants are far less crowded and always looking for local support. Savvy restaurateurs know spe- cials are how to get their tables filled. Most Lake Anna area res- taurants have weekly specials aimed at enticing and rewarded residents for regular off-season patronage. Youll find everything from wings to shrimp burgers to breakfast at special prices until the weather begins to warm in the spring. Heres a round up of some or our favorites that you might like to try this winter. Tims Crabhouse on Lake Anna or just Tims is a popular place for locals and visitors. Its combination of three-sided bar and regular seating in a open and airy building with decorations that include On Lake Time signs and other rustic items make for a com- fortable setting. You might even be able to sit on the deck outside on a nice winter day. Manager Amy Riggleman knows the importance of keeping the locals happy and does so with a variety of weekly specials. You can spice it up every Mon- day night from 7-9 pm with what Tims calls Buffalo Sea Bites Buf- falo balls a buffalo chicken sand- wich Buffalo popcorn shrimp or Buffalo chicken tenders and an open mic for your musical or com- edy talents. Tuesday night is a favorite among locals because its Burger Night. You can enjoy a Tims hamburger at half price On Wednesday you can enjoy Outdoor Waterside Dining Dock Access For Boaters Open 7 Days AWeekYear Round 200 BoardwalkWay MineralVA 23117 540.894.5011 TUES. is 12 Price Burger Day Tavern On The Rail 540.872.RAIL Join Us For Fine Food Atmosphere More. Brunch 11-230 Dinner 5-9 Th-Fr-Sat Menu at Reservations Recommended 81 Tavern Rd Mineral VA Want to advertise in Lake Anna Life Times Email for information. Now You Can Hit A Tasty Special Every Night Around The Lake Where Friends Families Meet 5152 Courthouse Rd. Rt. 208 Spotsylvania VA Across from Sturgeon Creek Marina 540-895-5055 CJs Steak Ale A Family Restaurant all you can eat spiced shrimp for 29.95 per person. Thursday at Tims is Even More Shrimp Night with coconut shrimp fried or broiled shrimp dinners a stuffed shrimp dinner and spiced shrimp by the pound. Enjoy Tims prime rib dinner and surf-n-turf specials Friday and Saturday after 4 pm with live music on most Saturdays from 7-10 pm. If you like football plan on vis- iting Tims on Sunday an enjoy the complimentary garnish bar with your purchase of a Bloody Mary or Shrimp Mary. There are 3 aluminum pints with wing specials too Asian Caf is the areas head- quarters for sushi sashimi and hibachi grilled steak shrimp and chicken. The three roll lunch Sushi Lunch special for 7.95 two rolls or 10.95 three rolls in- cludes tea and miso soup is popular with lake area residents. There is also a Hibachi Lunch for 6.95 to 10.95 depending on your choice of chicken shrimp or steak that includes soup fried rice and vegetables. Vitos on Lake Anna the ar- eas newest eatery features Ital- ian cuisine and will have specials this off-season too. Monday nights are Pasta Night - choose any shaped pasta gluten free available and sauce for 8. Meatballs sausages cheese and a salad are also available. Wednesday is Wing Night at 75 each with hot mild or lemon pep- per. Thursday is burger night - 2 off any burger. Every other week there will be a new burger intro- duced. Sunday is pizza night - a large pizza with one topping is 10. Billikens BBQ Co. located in the Lake Anna Plaza on the Louisa side of the Rt. 208 Bridge welcomes your fallwinter visit with a bunch of specials. All day Tuesday Billikens of- fers a Meal Deal for 20 that includes a pound of delicious pulled pork a quart of your side of choice coleslaw mac and cheese and four hearty rolls. On Wednesdays from 5 pm until closing time its Couples NightOut where Billikens offers a buy one platter get the second for FREE Thursdays is Billikens Bucket of Beer Night 5 pm to close. Just buy two meals and get a Bucket of Beer for 5. Close out the work week with Billikens Kids Night Out with kids meals 12 and Under FREE with the purchase of a platter. Down in Fredericks Hall a shore drive from the lake is Tav- ern on the Rail another local favorite restaurant. Melody and Kenny Bowers rely on locals to get them through the off-season and enjoy putting together week- ly specials for them. You have two dining options the upstairs dining rooms and the downstairs pub for lunch and dinner. Each has its own menu. A local favorite is the Fredericks Hall Casserole a delectable com- bination of crab lobster scallops baby shrimp in a homemade white wine sauce. Taverns winter season favor- ites include a certified angus beef prime rib special every Friday and Saturday night. Other specials coming this season will be osso bucco fried oysters and country ham Bang Bang shrimp and jumbo lump crab meat in drawn butter. Five-dollar drink specials are available for lunch and dinner as well a daily brunch specials starting at 1100 Thursday Friday and Saturday. Dickinsons Country Store at the intersection of Rt. 208 and Rt. 522 is craft beer central for the lake. Ash Dickinson knows his brews and takes pride in keep- ing three full coolers full of small batch beers from all over the country. You can visit Dickinsons Facebook page for news on new arrivalsofferings. You might not think of Elk Creek Country Store as a place to get dinner but with the addi- tion of Krispy Krunchy Chicken and Dominics you should. In- side youll find a hot food bar with freshly fried chicken barn box specials Cajun tenders and sandwiches. The Dominics menu includes that famous Ital- ian sausage and peppers sand- wich good for any day. LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 19 eatdrinkDINING GUIDE Lake Anna Winery Turns 33 In 2016 Brings The Cow To You Leave the goodies to our expert staff.... cupcakes cakes ice cream cakes WHO WANTS SOFT SERVE AT THEIR PARTY We cater birthdays family reunions open houses car shows weddings and more at your location Call 540.854.4387 to book your event now or email us at 200 Lake Front Drive Suite 101 Mineral VA 23117 Lake Anna 208 Bridge 540-895-5285 billikensbbqcompany.netmenu BBQ Pulled Pork BBQ Pulled Chicken BBQ Beef Brisket BBQ Spare Ribs BBQ Ham Steaks BBQ Smoked Sausage B r e a k f a s t L u n c h D i n n e r ATM - Exxon Fuel Beer - Wine Minnows - Coffee Fishing Supplies Newpapers 540.872.3275Call Ahead Orders Welcome LKA Wear 5224 Kentucky Springs Rd Bumpass VA 23024 NEW FOR 2015 540.894.4440 Hours Monday 11a - 930p Tuesday Closed Wednesday - Thursday 11a - 930p Friday - Saturday 11a - 1030p Sunday 12p - 9p menu WEEKLY SPECIALS Burger - Sandwiches Pizza - Pasta Calzone - Stromboli The story of Lake Anna Winery began on a business trip to France in 1981. While traveling through the French countryside Bill Heidig noticed that the climate and soil conditions of certain grape-growing regions were similar to those on his Spotsylvania farm and an idea began to take root. Upon his return he presented the notion of planting grapes to his wife Ann. After a great deal of thought the two decided to plant a vineyard and launch a fam- ily business. They hired a consul- tant and started taking seminars on grape growing and winemaking. In 1983 two years after Bills initial interest the Heidigs planted more than 2000 Seyval Blanc and 250 Cabernet Sauvignon vines. Three weeks later on an extremely hot weekend they planted 1000 Char- donnay vines. BillandAnnsoonlearnedfirst-hand how much care grape vines require. Each vine has to be trained to grow straight up a stake. As only a single shoot can be allowed to grow later- als must be pruned constantly and the vines initial fruit clusters have to be removed as they form. When the vines finally reached the first wire of the trellis the Heidigs celebrated trading the painstaking work low to the ground for painstaking work they could do standing up. The first commercial sale came after the 1984 harvest when the Heidigs sold one-half ton of Seyval Blanc grapes to a Virginia winery. With the vines cooperation the yields rose steadily while Bill and Ann continued to expand the vine- yard. In 1984 and 1985 they plant- ed additional Chardonnay and Cab- ernet Sauvignon and in 1988 after the memories of planting and nurtur- ing had faded they planted 1000 Merlot vines. By 1988 over 28 tons of grapes from over 10 acres were being picked for delivery to several Virginia wineriesthat were turn- ing their grapes into award-winning wines. The Heidigs decided the time was ripe to make LakeAnna Winery a reality. The winery is housed in an old barn located on the Heidig farm. Built for dairy cows in the 1940s adapting this structure for a winery proved to be a real challenge. The original floor was not strong enough to support the weight of the tanks the ceiling was too low to accommo- date the height of the tanks and the roof leaked. The renovation began in earnest when the old cement floor was broken up and removed and replaced with reinforced concrete. The roof traded the old tin for new shingles and four holes were cut into the loft floor to accommodate the taller fermenting tanks. Remodeling the interior was the next task. To cut costs the Heidigs did as much of the work as they could stretching the forbearance of family and friends to the limit. Two neighbors Elmo Proffitt and Char- ley Gentry were of tremendous help. They spent many weekends constructing the large front door framing all the doors and windows and serving as advisors telling Bill and Ann that certain jobs were not as easy as they thought and then showing them the right way to do it. In the spring of 1990 the winery was completed. Upon the dawning of a new mil- lenium Bill who ran the vineyard and had been sharing the winemak- ing duties with Ann decided it was time to turn back the chronological progression of the winery. He felt they could either scale back to just growing grapes and selling them primarily to other wineries as in the 80s or see if any of the four children had any interest in taking over the business. Two sons Jeff and Eric were thrilled with the idea and Bill recognized that for them to come on board a commitment to expand the facility would need to be made. So in 2000 a major undertaking started with the concurrent building of a new open multi-use tasting room a climate-controlled case-goods warehouse and a new tank room crush pad that would more than double the present production area capacity. After a year of construc- tion work was finished and the new tasting room opened in the spring of 2001. About the same time the well- respected winemaking consultant Brad McCarthy had been hired to oversee cellar operations and in the spring of 2001 suggested that the hiring of a winemaker would give Ann and Bill time to pursue their own interests and allow them to step back a bit from the day-to-day operations. In May of 2001 Graham Bell was brought on board and in late 2002 the winery business was sold to the two brothers. Bill continues to man- age the vineyard with Jeff and Eric owning and operating the winery business. In 2002 production grew to 4000 casesand2003productionreached 5500 cases. LakeAnna Winery has also greatly expanded as a venue for area events like concerts and fundraisers including the annual Renaissance Faire. The Heidig familys time and ef- fort over the years have helped put Lake Anna on the map and made Lake Anna wine a marquee product for the region. Visit for more information. Left to right - Ann Heidig Bill Heidig Jeff Heidig Kate Bell Graham Bell and Jillian Holland sculptor. LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 20 lake lifeCALENDAR OF EVENTS Every Monday Evening Open Mic Night from 7 to 930 pm at Tims On Lake Anna. Please call 540.894.5001. November 1 Lake Anna Cup Bass Tournament 7a-3p Sturgeon Creek Marina. Fish the lakes most prestigious tournament to see who can Claim The Lake Anna Cup 2000 first prize. Competi- tors cookout after weigh- in. For entry form email November 7-8 HOV Wine Trail 11a to 5p. Buy a pass- port ticket for only 20.00 and you get a souvenir wineglass wine tasting at the SIX Heart of Virginia Wineries Lake Anna James River Cooper Grayhaven Weston Farms and Matta- poni Wineries. November 7 John Conlee the award-winning country legend takes center stage performing over twenty 1 country hits like Rose Colored Glasses Working Man In My Eyes She Cant Say That Any- more Busted and more. A Cooke-Haley Theater performance at the Louisa Arts Center. For tickets visit November 15 Pinkalici- cious Pinkalicious cant stop eating pink cupcakes. Her cravings turn her en- tirely pink with Pinkititis - a dream come true for a pink loving enthusiast. When her hue goes too far Pinkali- cious must figure out how to get out of the predicament in this enjoyable family musi- cal. A Cooke-Haley Theater performance at the Louisa Arts Center. For tickets visit November 20-January 4 Hometown Holiday Shop- ping Shop local in Louisa County for the holidays and enter to win a little extra cash. Visit participating busi- nesses in Mineral Louisa Zion Crossroads and Lake Anna areas between November 20 - January 4 and place your free entry in a special Home Town Holidays box. No purchase necessary to enter and you can enter daily at each location. 500 cash and prizes are being awarded. Co-sponsored by Louisa County Parks Recreation Tourism Louisa County Chamber of Commerce and the Lake Anna Business Partnership. This is a great way to meet your local busi- nesses and enjoy browsing and shopping local this sea- son For info visit www.lcpr. infoHometownHoliday.asp November 21 Rayvon Owen A talented up and coming singer this Rich- mond native landed in the Top 4 in the 2015 season of American Idol. Rayvon sings everything from pop to soul to modern American stan- dards. Opening for Rayvon is Brian Kelly. Bria is the talented Virginia native who made it to the Top Ten of 2014s The Voice. Her voice has been compared to Bon- nie Raitt. A Cooke-Haley Theater performance at the Louisa Arts Center. For tick- ets visit December 45 Judy Collins Cooke-Haley Theater performance at the Louisa Arts Center. For tick- ets visit December 4 5 6 Sanders Family Christmas The entertaining sequel to the hit bluegrass musical Smoke On The Mountain. Cooke-Haley Theater performance at the Louisa Arts Center. For tick- ets visit December 5 Christmas Tree Lighting in the Town of Louisa Louisa Court- house Lawn 6p - 7p Enjoy musical performances decorate your own orna- ment sing some carols and watch for the lighting of the big Christmas tree on the lawn of the Louisa Court- house. Free admission. For a 10 donation you may endow a light on this years tree in someones memory or honor. These names will be read at the tree light- ing ceremony. Or you may become an ornament spon- sor for a donation of 100 to 1000. Information call 540 967-4420. December 5 Breakfast With Santa Betty R. Queen Community Center Louisa. Our Lake Life calendar is open to advertisers and non-profit organizations. Submit your event at LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 21 lake lifeCALENDAR OF EVENTS First join Santa and his helpers as you fill your tummy with fluffy pancakes bacon cereal and other yummy food. Then parents may take photos of their chil- dren enjoying their special moment with the jolly man as they share their Christ- mas wish list. All participants attending must purchase a breakfast ticket. Be sure to register early to avoid the late fee. 9a until 11a. www. lcpr.infoBreakfastWithSanta. asp December 5-6 HOV Jingle Bell Trail 11a to 5p. Buy a passport ticket for only 20.00 and you get a souvenir wine- glass wine tasting at the SIX Heart of Virginia Wineries Lake Anna James River Cooper Grayhaven Weston Farms and Mattaponi Win- eries. December 8 Holiday Movie Night Louisa Arts Centers theater. Christmas With The Kranks. Doors open at 6p and movie starts at 630 p. The fee for each movie is only 3 for adults and 2 for children ages 3 through 17. December 10 16 Judy Collins Join this Grammy award winning icon for a special holiday show. Judy signs holiday songs and her hits like Amazing Graces and Send In The Clowns. Cooke-Haley Theater per- formance at the Louisa Arts Center. For tickets visit www. December 15 Holiday Mov- ie Night Louisa Arts Cen- ters theater. Its a Wonderful Life. Doors open at 6p and movie starts at 630 p. The fee for each movie is only 3 for adults and 2 for children ages 3 through 17. December 22 Holiday Movie Night Louisa Arts Centers theater. Elf. Doors open at 6p and movie starts at 630 p. The fee for each movie is only 3 for adults and 2 for children ages 3 through 17. January 30 Tayla Lynn En- joy the talents of the grand- daughter of country music star Loretta Lynn. Cooke- Haley Theater performance at the Louisa Arts Center. For tickets visit www.loui- January 31 Frederick Douglass in partnership with the Louisa County Historial Society. In this performance-lecture Na- SD Communications Authorized DealerRetailer 540.223.7533 Call Us Today For than Richardson brings this African-American reformer writer and statesman to life. A Cooke-Haley Theater performance at the Louisa Arts Center. For tickets visit 200p.m. Amys Boat RV Storage 150 PlumTree Road BumpassVA 23024 Just off Kentucky Springs Rd 25 per Month 703-967-9500 Office 571-281-6829 Fax Call today to reserve your spot with us Check your calendar because its time to store the boat and camper LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 22 LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 23 lake anna monsterPAGE Volunteers from the Louisa Humane Society and Louisa Adult Community Education became Beer Captains for the Lake Anna Grapes Grains Festival October 10. Lake Anna Business Partnership Uniting LKA The opinions expressed in this column do not reflect those of this publication. They are those of the writer and meant to elicit a response from our readers. If youd like to submit an essay for publication please email it to us at For over 15 years now the Lake Anna Business Partnership has worked to promote Lake Anna as a destination and a place to live while connecting member businesses with more customers. Theyve done all this while striving to be a good steward for the lake because whats good for the lake is good for lake businesses right Its not always easy to remain objective and sometimes even neutral on certain topics but this philosophy has paid long term dividends to the LABP. Now at 101 member businesses and trend- ing upward this Virginia Chamber of Commerce certified group functions as an effective bridge be- tween Lake Anna players on all sides of the aisles. Activities theyve administered or fostered include a Town Hall style meeting with Louisa County Su- pervisor Stephanie Koren and representatives of the Virginia Department of Transportation monthly Business After Hours networking meetings at local restaurants that feature speakers a Casino Night to benefit the Louisa Humane Society signage directing travelers from I-64 to the lake and much more. LABP members and guests recently gathered at Tavern on the Rail Tuesday October 20 for their monthly Business After Hours meeting and demon- strated this bridging effect. The evening will began at 630 pm with drinks and a light meal provided by Tavern owners Melody and Kenny Bowers. What made this meeting so special besides the fine hospitality was those who attended. There were businesses members of Louisa County government and administration and citizens there all present to be a part of the dynamic groups evening of speakers. Louisa County Parks Recreation Tourism LCPRT Director Jane Shelhorse told those present about the county-wide Hometown Holiday Shopping promotion. This shop-local marketing effort brings lake re- gion and county merchants together with cash and prize incentives for shoppers to keep their dollars local. It will begin in mid-November and culminate in early January with a drawings for dozens of prizes and 500 cash provided by participating businesses LCPRT the LABP and the Louisa Chamber of Commerce. For more information visitwww.lcpr.infoHometownHoliday.asp. Cuckoo District Louisa Supervisor Willie Gentry was on hand to present a brief informational over- view of issuesprojects coming to the lake region in the near future and kindly answered questions. He also called Mineral District Supervisor Stephanie Koren up to join him and urged LKAers to get to know ALL the Louisa County Supervisors espe- cially as the lake gets busier in the coming years. Also that evening the Citizens For New Bridge FireRescueMarine Station gave their first public presentation on a plan to build a firehouse and bring emergency service to the mid lake area. They told the crowd this much-needed service requires an expanded grassroots support group in order for it to move forward. At the end of the meeting I told those gathered to look around and note who was in the room and remember it was LABP that brought them together. Its a group of people who care greatly about the future of Lake Anna and have demon- strated an intense volunteerism spirit to make our community the best it can be. The next LABP Business After Hours will be held at Lake Anna Winery 630 pm November 17.Guests are welcome at Business After Hours with a sponsoring member and will be recog- nized at the meeting. A three-month test-drive membership card is available for those interested in trying out LABP. Member benefits include the Lake Anna Information Center at Dickinsons Store the annual Spring Festival free to mem- bers ribbon-cutting grand opening ceremonies Vitos was the most recent Billikens BBQ before that the monthly Business After Hours and much more. Remember the Lake Anna Sunset Concert Series Thats LABP too. Its no secret LABP is the nicest bunch of business-minded folks you will find anywhere. Its no secret that their mission is to help your small business be successful. Its no secret that joining LAPB is easy smart and a wise business strategy. It will be no secret if you join the LAPB member- ship the word will go out via events publications and the greater Lake Anna Louisa County net- work. Its no secret that LAPB wants you to join our membership family. Give your business an early Christmas gift of LAPB membership. Social membership for those just wanting to be part of the group are also available. For info go to www. I am proud to be serving and be a founding member with this group and want to recognize my fellow board members for their support and dedication. I hope to see you at one or both of our upcoming After Hours. C.C. McCotter 2015 LABP President Publisher of Lake Anna Life Times OPINION LAKE ANNA GLITTERATI MikeHigginsphoto The Louisa Arts Center held a Silver Tie Gala fundraising event on October 3 that drew over 150 guests and featured a silent and live auction and performance by the New Stylistics. Susan Vandervliet and Tavern on the Rail owners Melody and Kenny Bowers enjoying a pumpkin martini at the October 20 Lake Anna Business Partnership After Hours event. LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 24 Lake Anna Virginia Were Ready When You Are... 800-242-LAKE 5253 HIGH POINT 4634 Courthouse Road Mineral VA 23117 540-895-9400 BOARDWALK AT LAKE ANNA 200 Boardwalk Way Suite B Mineral VA 23117 540-894-9300 NEW BRIDGE LANDING 11006 Kentucky Springs Rd. Mineral VA 23117 540-894-9400 Spend Thanksgiving At The Lake This Year LakeAnnaLifeTimesOctoberNovember2015 25