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This site is dedicated to Lakers and Weekenders alike. You'll find Lake Anna information for everyone, from anglers and recreational boaters to wakeboarders and waterskiers. Our community is growing and Lake Anna Life is intended to be a reflection of it and tool for our members. We see that our job is to entertain, inform and educate as well as encourage others to protect and cherish our wonderful resource with great Lake Anna information.


Each quarter you can expect to find our Calendar of Events full of suggestions for family fun. There are plenty of things to do around the lake this season! Scroll down and see our Lake Anna Life News section, too, for the inside scoop before you hit the cocktail/dinner circuit. Our LKA Life Profiles feature noteworthy Lake Anna community members. Our Facebook sites; Lake Anna Life and Lake Anna Outfitters and The Fishing Hole are great ways to keep in touch with the everyday activities and news around the lake. Please visit them often and post comments to enrich the forum. Our Photo Galleries are intended to allow you to show others your LKA moments. Sends us your pics of your children, grandchildren, greatest day on the lake ever, your "hot" boat, your big fish and your nature scenes that are so plentiful around LKA. Just email them to us and we'll post them. Want to rent a kayak, paddleboard or canoe or go on a guided fishing trip? Click on LKA Outfitters. There you'll find rental/guide info and the pathway to some great LKA Wear clothing items and LKA Wear dealers.

On this site we promise you won't find photos representing the lake not taken here. Everything you see, unless credited otherwise, is homegrown around the lake. Our writers, bloggers and photographers are all Lakers, and we invite you to contribute your work as well. The Anna area has grown in the past 40 years to the point of a community and Lake Anna Life is going to try and bring us all together. It will work as long you are part of the production.

While you are here, take a few moments to visit all our website pages and participate if you are so inclined. We need writers, photographers, reporters, bloggers and advertising partners. We all know what a powerful tool the internet can be and Lake Anna Life is positioned to be the Lake Anna portal. Why not get involved? You can contact us at 540.894.3540 or by emailing us at

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Welcome to Lake Anna Life News.

Lake Anna Life & Times

Lake Anna Life & Times is a bi-monthly publication intended to inform, educate and entertain Lake Anna residents and visitors. Each edition has a number of sections dedicated to different types of news. The goal is provide our residents and visitors with factual news and a look at some of the more interesting people that have helped to make our community so special.

Each edition is organized into sections. Overheard is where we track down the rumour and bring you the facts. Around The Lake is news about real estate. Did You Know? is our section on Lake Anna history and fun facts. Around The Lake is our calendar of events. Eat&Drink is our section on Lake Anna dining, specials and restaurant news. Lake Anna Reflections and LKA Gliteratti page has photos of recent events and an opinion piece. Each edition also has a core feature article, part of a continuing series on the Special People of Lake Anna. You can pick up a copy at just about any place around the lake. Subscriptions are available, too!

Lake Anna Life & Times is a companion publication to the Lake Anna Life annual magazine. For advertisers that want to reach customers with less lead time, it's a great option. The articles and photography in the 10"x12" format permit us to offer an artistically pleasing layout. Our online edition even has hot links to our advertisers!

Our deep connection to the community brings you the pieces on special people, places and activities of Lake Anna that no one else has. Our Calendar of Events brings you dozens of events every two months. If you have an article idea or want advertising rates (starting at $50) feel free to email us at

Click each cover to read that edition of Lake Anna Life & Times or click here to read them: April/May 15, June/July 15, August/September 15, October/November 15, Februay/March 16, April/May 16, June/July 16, August/Sept. 16, October/November, Late Winter '17, Late Spring '17, Summer '17, Fall '17, Winter '18.


Here's an excerpt from our current edition.... Special People of Lake Anna: J.C. Bane...

Jeff C. Bane or JC, as most folks call him, is a bit over six feet tall with a salt and pepper goatee and blue eyes that sparkle when he smiles that seem to say, “I’ve got a secret for enjoying life and it’s simple – just be a nice guy.”

Bane, 59, is the president of Mill Run, Inc and developer of Mill Run subdivision on the lake. He’s also a realtor, hunter, angler, husband and devoted son.

“My father, Jeff C. Bane, Sr., purchased his first property on the lake in 1970 and began to develop Longway subdivision in the mid 70’s,” Bane told L&T. “Later, in 1973 he purchased 95 acres on the lake and through the years we’ve added more acreage for a total of 145; now known as Mill Run subdivision.”

The jovial developer has the reputation as one of LKA’s finest, evidenced by being recognized as one of Lake Anna Life’s Most Influential People in 2016 and one of the Lake Anna Business Partnership’s Persons Of The Year in 2016.

You can read the entire editon by clicking here or on the cover above.


Special People of Lake Anna: James E. Duerson

At 90 years young, James Edward Duerson sits at his kitchen table rubbing his work worn hands looking out the back window through heavy-rimmed glasses.

The view is of a pool, some out buildings, the lake and a new road with two pieces of earthmoving equipment currently working. The family farm, known as Fairview, once consisted of 200+ acres along Lake Anna’s Elk Creek.

Now, after a sale of most of the land to a local developer, Fairview consists of Duerson’s brick home and the landing immediately surrounding it.

“It was 219 acres when I bought it in 1958 from the family,” Duerson told me with more than a wistful sigh. The husband, father of four (Irene, James, Jr., Garnett and Donna), grandfather of six and great father to two remembers living in the historic, pre-lake era Bearcastle home as a child before moving to Fairview in 1961.

The life-long Louisa resident told me there he and his family managed a 60-cow dairy herd of Holsteins until 1971. About that time, something interesting happened.

“We came out of church one cold, rainy March morning and saw all these survey stakes. We didn’t know what they were for. Dominion finally announced to the Louisa County Board of Supervisors they were building a lake and power plant,” Duerson recalled.

You can read the entire editon by clicking here or on the cover above.


Special People of Lake Anna: Gene Newman

While you might not have met LKA™’s unofficial Mayor you might have seen his green signs around the lake. Gene Newman is a senior mortgage officer for Fulton Mortgage and his signs are often spotted next to a realtor’s on property for sale.

Newman lives with his wife, Joanie and their loveable Labrador retrievers, at their lake home in Bearcastle subdivision. He can often be found there in his home office working with buyers, builders and realtors to close a loan.

It’s this type of work that has permitted him to meet thousands of residents and his dedication to not only the lake but to Louisa County that has earned Newman his nickname of Mayor. Eating out can be an exercise in interruption. Going to the grocery store nearly impossible.

We asked him what boards he’s served on and currently serves on during a recent interview.

“Lake Anna Business Partnership (all positions), Louisa Emergency Planning Commission, the Cutalong Development Authority, the Industrial Development Authority, Tanyard Country Club; I frankly can’t remember them all.”

When asked why he serves on so many boards Newman told L&T with his trademark wit: “Just stupid, I guess.”

You can read the entire article in our late summer edition by clicking here or on the cover above.

Special People of Lake Anna: Curtiss E. Poorman, Wildlife Artist

Curtiss E. Poorman is one of Lake Anna’s special people not because of any communities he built or lasting family legacy but because of what he is doing right now, commemorating indigenous residents of the lake on canvas.

The retired Air Force Meteorologist and Government Intelligence Officer moved to Lake Anna in 2015 from Amissville, Virginia because he “wanted to be closer to the fishing and the wildlife that resides here at the lake”.

At his home in Edgewood Bay, Poorman maintains a studio and beautiful gallery where he holds the occasional open house.

Poorman says he’s been painting his entire life and is completely self taught.

“I really began to take it seriously while we were stationed in Monterey, California.  I met a woman who owned a gallery on Cannery Row.  She explained to me that I had the talent, but I needed to commit myself to it.  I sold some of my first artwork in that gallery and went on to sell more in places like Anchorage, Alaska, Great Falls, Montana, and Fort Collins, Colorado.”

Poorman told L&T he enjoys painting all forms of wildlife but because of his interest in Ducks Unlimited he spends a great many hours painting waterfowl.  His biggest sellers, however, are eagles and loons. He prefers to work in acrylic paint as his work highlights extreme details.
Why wildlife art? 

“Why not.  It’s educational, colorful, promotes conservation and to most people animals are cool!  I grew up on a farm in upstate New York’s Finger Lakes Region.  I was surrounded by animals, both wild and domestic.  I had a pet raccoon named Zeke.  My father was a logger during off times on the farm  and he taught me how to hunt. I watched thousands of Canada geese fill our fields during the migrations north and south and hunted squirrels in the fall.  Most of all I would venture down to the canal behind the house and watch the waterfowl: buffleheads, redheads, teal, blue bills, mergansers and mallards, not to mention an occasion loon. The only way to share my experiences was to paint what I observed.  That is still true today.”

You can read the entire article in our late summer edition by clicking here or on the cover above.


Special People of Lake Anna: The Whitlock Family

What makes Lake Anna so special to so many people, both resident and visitor alike? Is it the clear, clean and warm water? Is it the abundant fish and birds that also make the lake their home? Is it the lake lifestyle that features both laid back and wild boat parties and places with names like Cocktail Cove, The Sand Bar, Kayakers’ Beach, Skinny Dipper’s Cove and Bohemian Bay? Or is it places like Tim’s, Anna Cabana, Anna Point Marina and High Point Marina that offer great access and good times?

It’s probably all of the above as well as a 100 other reasons depending on whom you ask. But if you asked folks to name what makes Anna so special it’s more often than not something that’s natural – a sunset, woods, a beach, a quiet morning. In this series we’ll bring you the storyof families/folks that have made sure that those that live and visit here will be able to enjoy this intrinsic

beauty of the lake; undeveloped and green, appreciating places that remain a bit wild and untouchable by the bulldozers of development or the places that all of use enjoy; marinas, developments and festivals. These are the special people and places of Lake Anna and we should all be grateful to them.

Calvin Douglas Whitlock is a man that might not overwhelm you at first blush with physical dominance or a booming voice. At 62 Whitlock, though, has probably knows more about the history of Lake Anna than 95% of the folks that live around it and once he starts talking, people often stand entranced around him.

Doug Whitlock is a member of the clan that developed much of Lake Anna. When the then Virginia Power (now Dominion) decided to build North Anna 1 and 2 and flood the North Anna River flowing along the north side of Louisa County, the Whitlocks were in good position to understand the potential of the project.

“My first memory of hearing about Dominion’s plans for the North Anna Power Plant was coming home from a dentist appointment in Charlottesville in the Spring of 1968. My father, Robert, started reading the evening paper which was the Charlottesville Daily Progress and saw the announcement about the nuclear plant on the front page, he called all of us into the living room to tell us and said: ‘This will change Louisa County forever.’” Whitlock told Life & Times.

Whitlock recalled just how the family business quickly shifted its focus onto the lake after that fateful day.
Whitlock brothers Bill, Ed and Robert were the BEAR (Bill, Ed and Robert) Investment Company LP and they created Lake Anna Land Corporation along with Milton Petty and A.G. “Sambo” Johnson. Together they were some of the pioneers of real estate development around the lake.
At the time of the Virginia Power announcement, Robert and Ed Whitlock operated Whitlock Construction Company and were building schools. When this process became too encumbered and risky, they used their heavy equipment to create and develop subdivisions around Lake Anna.
The group smartly bought property through BEAR Investment Company and then sold lots through Lake Anna Land Corporation, creating some of the first communities around the lake...

You can read the entire article in our late summer edition by clicking here or on the cover the below.


David Hunter's Story...

Forty–five years after Lake Anna was opened there are over 5,200 lots platted in 155 subdivisions around 225 miles of shoreline. That’s a lot of development, but if you ride around the lake via boat it doesn’t seem overwhelming. For the most part the counties and developers have been very careful about how the community has developed.
Now, with fewer large chunks of land to develop, and the maximum amount of lots in sight on the horizon, careful planning is being taken by those entering the subdivision development arena.
David L. Hunter is one such individual. A resident of the lake since the early days, he has watched from both the shoreline and afar, gradually building a nearly unmatched developer’s acumen along the way. He has now decided it is time to leave his mark on Lake Anna.
A quiet local until now, his home near the mouth of Pigeon Run is a magnificent contemporary with some quirks that draw boaters and photographers. There’s the authentic red London phonebooth just off the water, a water garden with gurgling waterfall into the lake and a promenade with an amazing view of the Glenora Plantation section of the Lake Anna State Park; all characterize his personal vision of beauty and attention to detail.
We visited with Hunter recently to discuss his development philosophies, how he reached them and what he is planning for Lake Anna in the coming months and years. Hunter is a quite fit “70-something” with blue eyes that belie a penchant for merry-making both on and off the water. Here’s our interview with him....

You can read the entire article in our Fall edition by clicking here or on the cover the below.

Tim Bauckman, Tim's At Lake Anna

Sharing a meal can be a memorable experience based on three things: 1) the food, 2) the atmosphere and 3) the price. A fourth factor that contributes to the overall memory is who you are sharing that experience.

At Lake Anna, residents and visitors are blessed with nearly 14K acres of on-the-water “atmosphere”, a wide variety of food choices and prices for any budget, so when we decide to come off the water to eat we are picky.

One restaurant that has done well capturing local attention as well as a those of visitors is Tim’s At Lake Anna. This success is not earned with luck. Wisdom and hard work combined with several other key ingredients make for a palatable restaurant.

A man that has been successful in this category and is known regionally as a restaurant Jedi, encountering success on many levels, is the owner of Tim’s.

Tim Bauckman, 58, splits his time between his home in Hartwood (on Rt. 17 north of Fredericksburg) and his four crab house style restaurants. The native of Fairfax told L&T he has a rich history with crab houses.

“I got started in the restaurant business when I was 11 years old working at a crab house located in Occoquan, Virginia. My father was the one who got me the job so I would have extra money through my high school years.”

Bauckman went on to credit his first boss as one of the major influences in his life.

“Don Sonders was my first boss, and one of my early influences. I worked for Don for four years and learned a lot about the local seafood and where to get it. My education of the restaurant business came later from my father when I worked for him at his restaurant Charlie Brown’s.”
When the time was right, Bauckman took the plunge and opened his original Tim’s Rivershore located in Dumfries on the Potomac River in 1994.

In 2004 he opened a second location in Fairview Beach, Maryland and that is named Tim’s Two at Fairview.
How he came about opening a third location at Lake Anna is an interesting story that began seven years ago.

“I was approached several times with the prospects of opening a Lake Anna location by many different people, but I finally committed to the location shown to me by Gary Griffith from Dockside Reality. In 2011 we had a conversation with Gary about the perfect location for our third restaurant - Tim’s At Lake Anna,” Bauckman explained.

“After about a year of meeting and planning, our third restaurant was opened in 2012 (at The Boardwalk On Lake Anna, just off Rt. 522). Our location in Lake Anna is the only building we have been in that was solely built to be a Tim’s. It also happens to have the largest capacity (inside and outside)....

You can read the entire article in our Winter edition by clicking here or on the cover the below.


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The 2016/17 edition featurse articles on LKA Hotspots, 35+ LKA Must-Do's, a Dining Guide, our annual look at wake sports, Lake Anna's Dream Homes, Boathouses & Piers, How To Enjoy LKA Year Round, Buying or Selling On Lake Anna Tips, Hot Spots, Special Events, our HUGE Calendar of Events, Boating Trends & Boating Safety, LKA's Most Influential People for 2015, a Guide to Fishing, The Perfect Day On LKA, a brand new illustrated map, realtor guide and more! The photography is stunning and shows residents and visitors enjoying the lake in just about any way you can imagine.

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Lake Anna Illustrated Map Now Available - New for 2018, this detailed, illustrated map from acclaimed artist Maria Rabinky shows many of Lake Anna's restaurants and businesses along with roads and interesting local landmarks. The maps are free at area businesses and the Lake Anna Information Centers. Copies suitable for framing can be had for $12 by mailing a check to Lake Anna Life at 114 Old Quarry Lane, Bumpass, VA 23024.





Lake Anna Information Centers Can Help You - If you are traveling to the area and are looking for information on things to do, realtors, local craftsmen and women be sure and stop by one of the Lake Anna Business Partnership's Lake Anna Information Centers. Located on Rt. 208 at Dickinson's Country Store on the Louisa side of the lake and at Watson's on the Spotsylvania side of the lake the Information Centers are open and offer plenty of local information including Lake Anna Life Magazine and Lake Anna Life & Times and the helpful Lake Anna Illustrated Map!


LABP Sunset Concert Series Returning For 2018! - Have you ever wanted to sit and watch the sunset while enjoying some great music and sip a beverage? Now you can with the Lake Anna Business Partership's Sunset Concert Series held at The Pavilion at Anna Point Marina. Concerts will be held April 28, May 12, June 9, July 14, August 11 and September 8. Draft beer, wine, soda, water and food will be available. Admission and parking is free. Come by boat or by car. No pets, outside food or coolers are permitted. For more information visit . Make plans to bring your friends and family to cap off the summer right!


Lake Anna Life's Most Influential LKAer's - We are now taking nominations for our 2017/18 LKA's Most Influential People recognition. See the online edition above to read more about 2016-17's Lake Anna gliteratti that include Dave Moberly/Dockside Realty, Stephanie Koren/Mineral District Louisa Co. Supervisor, Christian Goodwin/Louisa County Administrator, Michael Bollinger/Director of the Louisa Arts Center, Jack Matthews/Mineral District Planning Commissioner, Chuck & Jan Meeks/Anna Point Marina and Chris Denkers & Greg Issac/Sunset Properties & Coyote Hole Ciderworks.


LABP Business Person of the Year Award -Tuesday, January 10 was a big night at Tim's for the Lake Anna Business Partnership (LABP) and the recipients of their annual Persons of the Year recognitions. These recognitions and “thank you’s” for setting the standard of doing business around the lake drew over 70 folks to the popular lakeside restaurant on a cold winter night in addition to the local crowd.

LABP Director Gene Newman emcee’d the ceremony which began with recognizing Business Person of the Year Wesley Chiles of Chiles Enterprises and Business of the Year Piedmont Dental at Lake Anna/Dr. Michael Clark. Others recognized at last night's LABP Persons of the Year Awards include Susie & Barney Squiers for Most Improved Venue (The Cove Restaurant), Joe Messett for Most Improved Venue ( Anna Cabana), Melody and Kenny Bowers for Best Fine Dining (Tavern on the Rail), Mike Kavros for Best in Fine Dining ( Callie Opie's Orchard), Chris Denkers for Best New Business (Coyote Hole Ciderworks), Marie Snyder for Most Creative Business (Lake Anna Linens), Frankie Parde from SAM FM, David Hunter for Best Developer (Hunter Properties), Gary Griffith for the Lake Anna Vision Award (Sunset Cove) and Doug Whitlock received the Lifetime Achievement award. Akbar Denghani of FAMM Flooring Covering, Mark Smith of C&F Mortgage, Barry Schaeffer, Mike Higgins of Lake Anna Caretakers, Jean Martin of Southern Image Build & Design and Cindy Dove of Dockside Realty were also recognized for their dedicated service to the Lake Anna Business Partnership.

The LABP meets on the third Tuesday of the month at a different restaurant or venue around the lake. Guests are welcome with a sponsoring member. To find out more see


Paddleboard Yoga With Lake Anna Outfitters - Paddleboards/SUPs are popping up everywhere around the lake. You can bring your own board or rent one and enjoy yoga on weekend mornings at High Point Marina at 8 am with Lake Anna Outfitters' Certified Instructor. It's $25/single lesson if you bring your own board and $35 if you need to rent one. There's also a 5-pack for $100/BYOB and $150 that includes rental. Here are the links to the classes.

1 Hour SUP Yoga BYOB (Bring Your Own Board) - single session.

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New Bridge Landing Shopping Center Is Area Retail Hub - When you visit you'll need to know where to pick up everything from the basics to a meal. New Bridge Landing (Food Lion shopping center) is now occupied by an anchor Food Lion (resort level), a Virginia ABC Store, a Subway, a Verizon Wireless store, Lake Anna Veterinary Hospital, Kara Nails, Dockside Realty & Rentals, Big Cheese Pizza and Chef Lee Chinese.





Lake Anna Island Restaurants Now Open - Visitors to the lake are always looking for a great place to drop anchor and enjoy a meal with friends and family. You'll fine just a place at Lake Anna Plaza on Rt. 208 and three restaurants to choose from - Billiken's BBQ Co., Vito's Italian and the Asian Cafe. These are just a few of the fine eateries that will greet you on your next visit to LKA.




Boardwalk At Lake Anna Awaits Your Visit... This commercial development right off Rt. 522 at the Harris Bridge on the North Anna side of the lake houses several LKA Must-Do's and retail spaces. Tim's On Lake Anna is a beautiful restaurant with 5,000 sq. ft. of seating and an 800 sq. ft. kitchen. Below this is a series of 800 sq. ft. commercial spaces including Vito's On The Lake (pizza & deli carryout) Wake Edgers Gear & Gifts, Dockside Realty, the Lake Anna Arcade and Boardwalk Mini Golf. All will face the lake and a boardwalk that wraps around the property.


Awesome Gift Shop At Lake Anna - Remember when you went to the beach and went to the tee shirt shop? Now you can do this at Lake Anna. Lake Anna Outfitters has the great LKA Wear line of clothing and gifts this season, plus lake house decor and artwork, kites, flags and much more. There are childrens', women's and men's designs that include everything from funny fishing shirts to the Lake Anna Outfitters shop shirt. Other gift items like Lake Anna Hoodies, the Lake Anna Wild Women Pirate Crew tank top, I Heart LKA tops, LKA tie dyes, pirate flages, carved birds, arrowheads, the Safety Over Water necklaces, caps, LKA stickers, mugs and magnets and much more can be found at the shop. Lake Anna Outfitters



Lake Anna Monster? It's true. The Lake Anna Monster now has his very own Facebook site you can visit and Like. Track his adventures around the lake and see if you can spot him and post your pic! He's friendly, funny and a great dancer/entertainer! He's available for retail and special event promo, too. Contact his agent at 540.894.3540 or LKA Monster Research Institute stickers can be found at LKA Outfitters!


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